The World’s Most Unique Hotels

Sometimes you’re looking for something completely different for accommodation.Choose one of these amazing hotels to make your next holiday a complete adventure, from start to finish!

Knight’s Glamping, Leeds Castle, Kent, UK

knights glamping, leeds castle, kent
Scratch your medieval itch and live like a knight of yore, right on the premises of Leed’s Castle in Kent. Designed for families (the tents each sleep two adults and two kids), you can experience a colorful, charming stay and lose yourselves in the fantasy of the knight’s life! All you’ll be missing is a dragon to slay! Tents start at around $200/night and include admission to the grounds and castle for the duration of your stay.

Hicksville Trailer Palace, Joshua Tree, California

hicksville trailer palace, joshua tree, california
Hicksville is a hipster’s paradise somewhere in Joshua Tree (the owner’s like to keep the exact coordinates under wraps for guests). You stay in a variety of kitschy, tricked out trailers (rates start as low as $110/night) with a retro vibe. A variety of activities are on property, including a salt-water pool, wifi, rooftop hot tub, and mini golf. Stay in the “PeeWee,” the trailer from the Pee Wee Herman film, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure!

Hotel de Glace, Quebec, Canada

hotel de glace, quebec, canada

Ice hotels have long been a novelty for cold weather destinations, especially in Europe. We happen to love the Hotel de Glace in Quebec, due to its cheeky vibe and unparalleled ice sculptures. The hotel shimmers with an intense and quiet beauty, while guests snuggle up in cozy blankets and pillows. You can fulfill all of your snow queen fantasies. Rooms start at $375/night.

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Lapland

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Lapland
Sleeping in an igloo and watching the northern lights can be experienced in Lapland’s Hotel Kakslauttanen. The “igloos” are made of glass, which makes for a modern and comfortable perch to stargaze. You can also stay in a more rustic “snow igloo,” but we can’t recommend the glass option more. Rooms start at around $400/night.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi

giraffe manor, nairobi
Giraffe Manor is an exclusive boutique hotel located on 12 acres of land near Ngong forest. The stately building is attended to by the Rothschild giraffe population, who have free rein of the grounds. Giraffe Manor has been visited by many luminaries, including heads of state and other celebrity guests. Sharing space and even dining alongside these gentle giants is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Henn Na Hotel, Nagasaki, Japan

henn na hotel, nagasaki, japan

The Henn Na Hotel in Nagasaki is where you’ll want to stay if being waited on by a staff of robots is your kind of travel experience. Everyone – from the registration staff, to housecleaning to room service is a droid and your own stay is administered with facial recognition software replacing room keys and key cards. Welcome to the slightly unsettling future. Rooms start at a very reasonable $90/night.

Faralda Crane Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

faralda crane hotel amsterdam, netherlands
The Dutch are nothing if not efficient. After an intense process of renovation, an old crane in Amsterdam opened in 2014 as the luxury hotel, Faralda. It is located 50 meters high above an industrial wharf, a mecca for artists, skaters, and start-ups. The hotel has three luxury suites with rates that start at close to $600/night. Access to an outdoor Jacuzzi, a bungee jump activity and the best panoramic views of the city all come as part of your stay.

Seaventures Rig Resort, Sipadan, Malaysia

seaventures rig resort, sipadan, malaysia
Divers from all over the world come to Malaysia to stay on a converted oil rig. Seaventures Rig Resort offers 27 rooms with state-of-the-at leisure facilities, but most stay for its terrific location in the Coral Triangle, and the incredible sea life beneath. When you tire of the world class diving, you’ll find a movie room, karaoke lounge, bars and a helipad transformed into a sundeck back on the rig. Rooms are only sold as part of a package (3 night stays start at around $800/person).

Hoang Nga Guesthouse, Dalat, Vietnam

hoang nga guesthouse, dalat, vietnam
Call the Hoang Nga Guesthouse what the locals do – it’s the “Crazy House” where you can stay in the center of Dalat in an enchanted tree house/art installation. The Crazy House was designed by a local architect in 1990, and built to resemble a Gaudi or Dali fever dream! Stay in one of 10 suites inside. Room rates start at $36/night.

Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth Harbour, England

spitbank fort, portsmouth harbor, england
A naval fort built to defend Portsmouth Harbour against the attacks of Napoleon III, the Spitbank Fort is now one of the most unique and exclusive hotels in the UK. You can stay in one of 9 suites. The fort is sometimes booked completely for events, though you can also book a single room. The fort is situated in the center of Portsmouth Harbor and must be accessed via private boat. In addition to the sleeping suites, the property has three bars, a wine cellar, game rooms and a hot tub on the roof.

Hostel Celica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

celica hotel, ljubljana, slovenia
If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to sleep in a prison, look no further than the colorful Hostel Celica in Slovenia’s capital city. The hostel is a bit of a trek from the city center, but you’ll not soon forget the experience. “Cell” rooms start at around $15/night.

Rolling Huts, Methow Valley, Washington 

rolling huts, methow valley, washington
To get away and stay in a modern cabin not too far removed from civilization, check out the Rolling Huts of Methow Valley, Washington. Each cabin is constructed of galvanized steel, and comes outfitted with free wifi, bearskin rugs, and modular furniture. You do have to shower in the nearby barn. It’s back to basics with modern style!

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