Welcome to the FareCompare Travel Lounge

Do you know something we don’t know about travel? I bet you do! So come on in and tell us all about it in the new FareCompare Travel Lounge on Facebook. This is a new community that's entertaining and filled with useful information. It's a new space where everyone from frequent fliers to once-a-year vacationers gathers to share personal recommendations and inside info that really works. Not a pro-traveler? Get tips by asking for help or for recommendations, too. Think of it as your new home for genius tips that will help turn all of us into cool and confident globetrotters.

Ask the FareCompare Travel Lounge Pros

Insider recommendations: Which iconic attractions are must-sees, and which can you skip? Is there anything off the beaten path that's a better experience?

Accomodations: Is that hotel as good as it sounds, or is there a reason they don’t show a picture of the bathroom? What's a better all-around experience, taking the train or hopping a plane? Should you use cash or points?

Ask (or tell) us! The new community is focused on supporting travelers of all levels find the answers they're looking for.

Up to Date Facts in the FareCompare Travel Lounge

Destination tips: Do I need a visa to go to Prague? Should I rent a car in Los Angeles? Is it an insult to tip in Japan? And where do you got to find out if there are any travel alerts for the city or country you want to visit?

These are just a few of the questions and answers in the new group. Let's all help one another avoid travel mistakes!

Share in the FareCompare Travel Lounge

General advice: Did you hear about a great hotel or rental or hostel? Spread the word. Or maybe you just got slammed with a new bag fee; we’d love to know that, too. Did your favorite airline add a route or drop one? Tell us about that, too, please!

Pictures: Did you just get back from an epic trip? Post your pictures and stories and share your experience with other travel enthusiasts. We really want to see where everyone is going.

Connect in the FareCompare Travel Lounge

Find new friends who love what you love: Adventurous types can share their list of best places for bungee-jumping, windsurfing, mountain climbing. Or find fascinating foodies who like to talk about foie gras. You know what you’re passionate about and chances are good you'll find someone like you in the Travel Lounge. Then, share your stories and share your pictures!

Travel Hacking in the Travel Lounge

Deals and hacks: Do you know how to avoid airport ride-share crowds? We want to hear, too. Then, tell us how you pack, how you avoid awful fees, and how to use airline miles or points to best advantage. Actually, we can answer that one since a FareCompare employee just got a round-trip ticket to Europe for $62 for this summer – and that’s no typo!

So come see us at the Travel Lounge. We have so much to talk about.

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