Disneyland unveils Star Wars Galaxy Edge

ANAHEIM, Calif. (May 31) – Fans eagerly awaited Friday’s grand opening of Disneyland’s new Star Wars section of the theme park.

Disney spared no expense on “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge“, with reportedly $1 billion spent to build it on the sprawling 14-acre land.

Bob Chapek, chairman of Parks, Experiences and Products for The Walt Disney Company, said the greatest attraction may be the land itself.

“You feel like you’re actually on the planet Batuu,” Chapek said.

Among the sights is the Millennium Falcon, arguably the most famous spaceship in the entire Star Wars galaxy. Guests are invited to walk through Han Solo’s ship and maybe even take the helm.

There also are attractions inside of the attraction, like the Millennium Falcon’s chessboard from “A New Hope.” Let the Wookiee win.

“And then we have in-queue apps, so that you can actually be within the mythology going on your phone while you’re in a queue and play a game,” Chapek said.

There are even familiar foods and drinks on the menu, like Luke Skywalker’s favorite blue milk.

“Disney Parks, what we do is the physical embodiment of the magic,” said John State, culinary director of Disneyland Resort. “We make magic real, and you can’t do that on a movie screen. You can’t do that on a computer screen, but you certainly can do it when the Falcon’s sitting right in front of you.”

Disney plans to open a second Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction at Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida in August.

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