4 Reasons to Fly to Europe This Fall

Go to Europe. That’s the advice to U.S. travelers from airfare expert (and FareCompare co-founder) Rick Seaney who adds, "Go this fall." Prices are so low that if you don’t go, you will kick yourself later. We're also seeing some good fares for flights from Europe to the United States, as well as some deals from Australia to Europe.

4 Reasons to Fly to Europe This Fall

  1. Prices are Cheap

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen some eye-popping prices – like New York to Copenhagen for $398 round-trip. Here's a few more recent fares, round-trip prices – but remember, fares can and do change without notice!

  • Boston to Shannon, $442
  • London to Orlando or Oakland, £388
  • Sydney to Paris, AUD $937

Where did we find these deals? On the FareCompare Getaway Map. Try it – we think you will love this simple tool.

  1. A Coming Hike

Go now, but Rick Seaney points out, a key date for U.S. travelers to keep in mind is Dec. 19. That's the last day to depart on a trip to Europe before an average price increase kicks in for the Christmas/New Year’s holidays and beyond. Generally speaking, avoid holiday travel because prices usually rise (and of course, the timing of different national holidays will affect seasonal price hikes).

  1. Weather, Crowds

For the most part, the northern hemisphere’s autumn months (September through early December) are a great time for travel in Europe (and the U.S.). Not too cold, not too hot, but even if it is chilly you at least avoid the vast crowds of summer. Airports will be easier to navigate as well.

  1. Make the holidays really special

If you need a Christmas present or other holiday gift, or want to celebrate an anniversary, give the gift of transatlantic travel (or a flight from Down Under to a favorite European city).

Or fly to Europe this fall for a holiday trip. Take a look at this round-trip price comparison during Thanksgiving, the big U.S. holiday:

  • Boston to Shannon, Ireland: $432
  • Boston to Portland, Maine: $603

It should be noted that Portland is just a little over 100 miles from Boston, while Shannon is more than 2,800 miles away.

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