Celebrate National Cheap Flight Day (with One Tiny Caveat)!

Some of you may know that today, August 23, is National Cheap Flight Day – the day of the year when customers are supposed to get the lowest priced airline tickets!

national cheap flight day

While it’s true that August 23 is a great day to buy, most of late August and early September offer good value and our data actually shows August 31 as the lowest-priced day to buy airline tickets this year! It’s next to impossible to choose a “Best Day to Buy” year over year – it’s a moving target. But. there are are definitely best practices for buying your flights. Check out the 5th Annual CheapAir.com When to Buy Study for the nitty gritty on how to shop for airline tickets to get the best possible price every time.

To support National Cheap Flight Day and all of the surrounding excitement, we’re offering customers an additional discount on any flight booked today. We’ll sweeten the deal so you can take advantage of the ongoing value to booking in August, and honor this discount until the end of the month – August 31st – which just so happens to be the more accurate “best day” to buy! Just enter “FLIGHTDAY” at checkout to save on your flights. Happy National Cheap Flight Day!

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