How to Score Affordable Late Summer Airfare

While most Americans make summer vacation plans in July, that choice comes at a pretty high financial cost. Just moving your travel plans to late August and September can have a major impact on your how many travel dollars you spend.

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It’s that time every summer when we pop up to remind people how much of a crazy bargain late summer travel can be.

When Should You Go?
Summer travel prices trend down as you get into late August and even lower if you can travel in September. For example, flights from Los Angeles to Maui in mid-August are around $600 round trip. When you look at the same flights the first week in September the prices go down to $439 and by the end of the month there are flights available for as low as $414.

Another popular route is New York to Los Angeles. Flights mid-August are as high as $700. The same flights in early September are just under $300 and get as low as $237 by the end of the month. With fares this good, why wouldn’t you wait?

What are the Benefits?
We know that a lot of Americans historically vacation in the summer, with June and July being the most popular times to go. This is especially true for family travel, when kids are out of school, making the timing ideal for families. However, popular domestic and international destinations are crowded and much more expensive in high season. The money you’ll save on a reasonably-priced hotel stay and affordable dining options just by shifting your plans to late August or September will make the date adjustment more than worth your while.

Here are some current fares on popular routes (round trip fares, 5 nights) and what you’ll save if you buy in late August or September!

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These are just a few of the routes that offer great savings. Check out our Summer Flights Page for more tips and detailed information about the best days to fly.

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