Phuket | Island Hopping Guide

All you need to know to plan your next Phuket island hopping adventure!

We all know Phuket is known for having some of the best beach island getaways! With multiple islands each more beautiful than the next, there’s no better way to discover this city than island hopping. If you’re unsure on which islands you should head to, we’ve listed out the highlights of each island and how you can get there! Besides, the beautiful sunny beaches and colorful landscapes are your best bet if you’re looking to escape from the monsoon season back home.

New Klook craft for your Phuket island hopping

Klook Catamaran Yacht Phuket Islands
The Klook Catamaran Yacht

Good news for all Phuket-bound travellers! Klook has recently launched two new sea craft for select island-hopping routes. You’ll also get to enjoy a light breakfast (choose from tea, coffee, juices, toast, biscuits, chocolate buns and Thai desserts) at the Klook office before you set off.

The Klook Motor Yacht The Klook Catamaran Yacht
Islands covered – Racha Noi
– Maithon Island
– Racha Noi
– Coral Island
Type of boat – Italian Azimut 55 Motor Yacht – Seawind 1160 Catamaran
Party size – Perfect for a family retreat (Up to 20 pax) – Perfect for a hen’s, bachelors party or a luxurious birthday party (Up to 20 pax)
Furnishings – Spacious flybridge and viewing deck
– Comes furnished with sleeping cabins perfect for afternoon naps
– Outdoor lounge area at front of Yacht great for suntanning
Inclusive of – Thai lunch buffet prepared by a reputable hotel chef
– Indulge in water activities such as sea walking, snorkelling, kayaking, parasailing, with equipment all provided on deck
– Return hotels transfers on Phuket Island included

Once out at sea, you can make use of the snorkeling equipment provided (with one-time mouthpiece so no worries about cleanliness!) together with a life jacket. You can also choose to go kayaking, bottom fishing or just lounge on the floating pad and soak up the sun.

All that activity is bound to make you hungry so you’ll be glad to know that a scrumptious Thai lunch buffet is served on board. The best part? You’ll get to wash it all down with a glass of champagne at sunset.

P.S. Beach towels and waterproof bags are also available on board!

Islands around Phuket

Apart from Maithon Island and Racha Noi Island, Klook runs day tours to a number of other islands around Phuket. Check out this list of islands categorised according to distance from the main Phuket Island so you can find the best one that suits your needs!

Islands Distance from Phuket Perfect for
Coral Island – 15 minutes away via speedboat
– 20 minutes away via yacht
– Families
– Beach lovers
Banana Beach on Coral Island – 15 minutes away via speedboat
– 30 minutes via yacht
– Snorkelling and Diving enthusiasts
– Beach lovers
Koh Rong – 10 minutes away via speedboat
– 15 minutes via yacht
– Families
– Outdoor lovers
Koh Khai & Koh Khai Nai – 20 minutes away via speedboat
– 30 minutes via yacht
– Families with young kids
– Snorkelling enthusiasts
Koh Yao Islands – 30 minutes via speedboat
– 40 minutes via yacht
– Couples
– Beach lovers
Koh Mai Thon – 35 minutes via speedboat
– 45 minutes via yacht
– Couples
– Friends
– Nature Lovers
Phang Nga Bay (James Bond Island) – 50 minutes via speedboat
– 60 minutes via yacht
– Families with young kids
– Families with elderly travellers
– Nature lovers
Koh Racha (Emperor Island) – 45 minutes via speedboat
– 60 minutes via yacht
– Adventure seekers
– Surfers
Phi Phi Islands – 80 minutes via speedboat
– 120 minutes via yacht
– Diving Enthusiasts
– Adventure seekers
– Nature lovers
Similan Island (only open from November to May) – 3.5 hours via speedboat – Diving Enthusiasts
– Beach lovers

1. Coral Island

Coral Island Phuket Island

The second closest island to sail to, Coral Island is the place to be if you’re looking to conquer a range of water activities! A top tourist favourite, the island is accessible via a 15 minutes speedboat ride, 20 minutes yacht ride or a 30 minutes sailboat ride. If you’re looking for an exciting day out on the waters jet skiing, banana boating or parasailing, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on visiting Coral Island.

However, it is uncommon to be faced with large crowds at this popular destination. With that being said, if you’re hoping to snorkel or dive this isn’t the best place to dock at. Similar to Koh Rong, there is no single island tour to Coral Island and it is commonly paired with Koh Racha. Perfect for families and beach bums, this is one of the best places to catch a tan!

Klook’s Island Rating Convenience:★★★★★ Privacy:★☆☆☆☆ Environment:★☆☆☆☆ Excitement:★★★★☆

Klook Catamaran Yacht Phuket Islands

One of the best ways to fully appreciate Coral Island would be to cruise on your own private Catamaran! Klook yourself a day out to the sea on our Racha and Coral Island Day Tour Catamaran! Have a private party out on sea and indulge in snorkeling at the best spots at Coral Island, Banana Beach, and Racha islands.

Klook Catamaran Yacht Snorkeling Phuket Islands

With all your meals provided for, there’s not a thing to worry about during your time out at sea! Simply enjoy the best of the waves and end the day off with the amazing Andaman sunset complete with a glass of champagne in hand. Klook your Racha and Coral Island Day Tour Catamaran today!

2. Banana Beach on Coral Island

Banana Beach Klook Phuket Islands

A private beach located on Coral Island, the Banana Beach is one of the best secrets of the island. Part of a national park and a marine preservation area this is one of the best scuba diving spots! The crystal clear blue waters surrounding the beach is perfect for snorkelling. Be greeted by an array of corals and colourful fishes while submerged or even when kayaking using clear kayaks that are available for rental on the island.

Perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts, this beach is much quieter as compared to the grounds of Coral Island simply due to the fact that fewer activities are available on this beach. This gem is also less visited by tourists.

Similarly a short distance from Phuket, this part of the island can be easily accessible under 30 minutes. To fully enjoy the scenic area, why not take a 30 minutes sailboat ride.

Klook’s Island Rating Convenience:★★★★☆ Privacy:★★☆☆☆ Environment:★★☆☆☆ Excitement:★★★★☆

Racha Coral Islands Klook Phuket Islands

Klook yourself a Racha and Coral Island Speedboat tour from Phuket for a fuss free holiday! Have a splashing day of fun swimming and snorkelling around the different islands. With a whole day mapped out for you and even pick up and drop off at your hotel in Phuket, you won’t have to lift a finger to plan.

Where to stay:

3. Koh Rong

Koh Rong Island Klook Phuket Islands

Located on the southeast of Phuket, Koh Rong is the second largest island that is part of Cambodia. Well famed for its sandy beaches and coral reefs surrounding the perimeters, the island is just a short ride away! It only takes 10 minutes on a speedboat, 15 minutes via a yacht or 25 minutes via sailboat.

One of the best beaches on the island, Long Beach is perfect for team games such as beach volleyball or football. Perfect for families, there are a range of resorts to choose from where you can indulge in activities such as canoeing and kayaking. Trek through the jungles and spot monkeys or even go for a treetop walk while at Koh Rong!

One thing to note is that there is no single tour to Koh Rong and it is commonly paired with a visit to Koh Mai Thon. But the best way to maximise your time on this island is to take a 10 minute speedboat here!

Klook’s Island Rating Convenience:★★★★★ Privacy:★★★☆ Environment:★☆☆☆☆ Excitement:★☆☆☆☆

4. Koh Khai & Koh Khai Nai

Koh Khai and Koh Khai Nai Islands Phuket

A convenient 20 minutes away via speedboat, embark from Phuket Boat Lagoon Pier to get to the Koh Khai & Koh Khai Nai islands! One of the commonly islands visited by tour groups, expect large crowds while on your visit there. Plus, it is the only island you can complete a half day tour from Phuket. Participate in common water activities such as jet skiing and banana boating, or simply have a beach picnic at one of the many beaches located on the islands.

Koh Khai & Koh Khai Nai Islands Phuket

Popular for families with young children, the shallows water allow kids to feed and get up close and personal with marine creatures. With lots of activities and food establishments around the beachfront, the convenience is perfect for when you are  travelling with your family!

Klook’s Island Rating Convenience:★★★★☆ Privacy:★☆☆☆☆ Environment:★★☆☆☆ Excitement:★★★☆☆

5. Koh Yao Islands

Koh Yao Islands Phuket

One of the biggest islands around the area, Koh Yao Islands is home to one of the longest beach areas and is pretty convenient to access. Take a 30 minutes journey via speedboat and you will arrive at an isle filled with luxurious 5-star hotels and private resorts.

Koh Yao Islands Phuket

If you’re looking for the perfect couples retreat destination, take a trip to the Koh Yao Islands. A popular honeymoon spot with young couples, the islands around this area are quiet and gorgeous – perfect for long romantic strolls during sunset! Have a private afternoon of exploration at the various limestone caves along the shores of this island.The landscape here is pretty similar to the Coral Islands and Koh Lone.

However, most tours offered from Phuket do not offer single trips to the Koh Yao Islands but is commonly paired with a tour to Koh Khai.

Klook’s Island Rating Convenience:★★★★☆ Privacy:★★★★☆ Environment:★★☆☆☆ Excitement:★☆☆☆☆

Where to stay:

6. Koh Mai Thon

Koh Mai Thon Phuket Islands

A secluded private island tucked away, Koh Mai Thon is one of the best islands to head if you’re interest to dive into deep waters. Did we also mention that about half of the tourists that have visited Koh Mai Thon have encountered dolphins during their time there!

An uncommon pick among many, you can expect a relaxing day at the beach without having to fight for a mat spot along the shore. This island is said to be the best diving spot for diving enthusiasts. Otherwise, if you’re in search of a remote get away from the crowds of tourists on their island hopping conquest, this is definitely a hidden gem.

Koh Mai Thon

If you’re looking to spot some dolphins, start your journey on a sailboat and keep your eyes peeled during the one hour scenic ride as you might just be able to spot some of these majestic creatures swimming alongside with you! Accessible via a 35 minutes speed boat ride from Chalong Pier, this ride would take 45 minutes via a yacht or 1 hour cruising on a sailboat.

Klook’s Island Rating Convenience:★★★★☆ Privacy:★★★★☆ Environment:★★★☆☆ Excitement:★★☆☆☆

7. Phang Nga Bay (James bond Island)

Phang Nga Bay James bond Island Phuket

Sail along emerald green waters upon approaching Phang Nga Bay, iconic for being the filming site of the  Bond movie, “The Man With the Golden Gun”.  Spot the various limestone cliffs surrounding the perimeter that are unique to this island that you may find familiar if you’ve caught the movie!

If you’re looking for a beach, you won’t find one here! Instead, Phang Nga Bay is home to various limestone caves that you should definitely set aside time to explore. Trek around the mangrove areas and keep a look out for fiddler crabs and fishes swimming around the shallow waters.

P.S. The best time to visit would be when sunsets as you get to catch a glimpse of Thai water lanterns at dusk!

Phang Nga Bay James bond Island Phuket

A perfect choice for families, children and elderly travellers, visit Phang Nga Bay for a relaxing escape from the normal busy island scene. Go on a guided kayak tour and experience the islands’ unique limestone caves up close, or have a go at fishing at the nearby Muslim fishing village that was built solely on stilts. Most places within the area is easily accessible via boat!

Though you can kayak around this island, diving is a no-go as there isn’t much to see under the sea around this area. To fully enjoy your time at the island, hop on a speedboat ride that will take approximately 50 minutes. Though it is a little more further out  than the neighbouring islands, a trip here is definitely worth the ride if you’re looking for a different landscape from the usual island sights.

Klook’s Island Rating Convenience:★★★☆☆ Privacy:★★★☆☆ Environment:★★★☆☆ Excitement:★★★☆☆

8. Koh Racha (Emperor Island)

Koh Racha Emperor Islands Phuket

Think clear waters, a large variety of fishes and corals, all available at Koh Racha! A great diving destination, get to the island on a speedboat in just 45 minutes. Koh Racha is a mini paradise on earth with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches that is great for catching some waves. The beautiful bay is also perfect for some night time stargazing due to its distance from the city!

Koh Racha Emperor Islands Phuket

This island is most popular with solo travellers or adventure seekers looking to catch some waves or a tan at the beach due to its relative distance from the main docks. If you’re a surfing enthusiast, the perfect months to practice your sport would be from June to November. And if you aspire to paddle in the salty sea and take a vitamin D nap on the beach, it is best to come during the months of December to May.

Klook’s Island Rating Convenience:★★★☆ Privacy:★☆☆☆☆ Environment:★★★★☆ Excitement:★★★★☆

Where to stay:

9. Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands Phuket

Yet another famous island that made it to the big screens, Phi Phi Islands was where Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie – The Beach was filmed at! A group of six islands, this scenic location is famous for having 8 beautiful beaches including Monkey Bay and one of the most spectacular – Maya Beach!

Phi Phi Islands Phuket

The Phi Phi Islands has it all – beaches, mountains, caves and even cliffs that you can rock climb on! If you’re seeking adventure in the jungles, head here for a green scene you don’t want to miss out on. The diving grounds here is also comparable to the scenes you will find at Koh Racha, making it a perfect spot for travellers seeking to swim amongst marine life .

Despite it being a further out compared to other smaller neighbouring islands, the best way to travel here would be via a full day Phi Phi & Maya Area Snorkeling Day Trip from Phuket along with a Premium Lunch Buffet.

Klook’s Island Rating Convenience:★★☆☆☆ Privacy:★☆☆☆☆ Environment:★★★★☆ Excitement:★★★★☆

Maya Bay Phi Phi Islands Speedboat Tour Klook Phuket

Bonus: If you’re looking for a fuss free way to cover the best the islands have to offer in the area, why not Klook yourself Maya Bay & Phi Phi Island Speedboat Tour! With local transfers from your stay in Phuket included, enjoy a day out by the sea hopping to the best views the Andaman sea area has to offer. Get a chance to snorkel with the fishes and explore the caves unique to Phi Phi.

Where to stay:

10. Similan Island

Similan Islands Phuket

The furthest island, Similan Island is only open for six months from November to May as part of conservation efforts to protect the massive ecological environment of the area. If you’re searching for a new ocean terrain to conquer, don’t miss out on Similan Island.

Similan Islands Turtle Diving Phuket

Visitors to the island has even spotted turtles and sharks while snorkeling! Not to worry as the sharks won’t attack. You can even deep dive around this area provided you have an Advanced Diver Certificate (AOW).

Much bigger than Koh Racha and the Phi Phi Islands, this is a must-see island once in your lifetime!

However, the journey here takes much longer compared to the rest. Be prepared for at least a 3.5 hours journey on a speedboat from Phuket! This island is not recommended for young children, elderly or travellers with health issues due to the limited amenities available on the island.

Klook’s Island Rating Convenience:★☆☆☆☆ Privacy:★★☆☆☆ Environment:★★★★★ Excitement:★★★★★

Bonus: We know that travelling by sea is not ideal for all, as some are more prone to seasickness than others. Here are some Klook tips for preventing seasickness!

    1. Sit outdoors and enjoy the scenery instead of sitting indoors or staring at a single spot


    1. If the boat makes a pit stop, do get off and participate in some water activities instead of just sitting around


    1. Chew on some gum or suck on some mints


    1. Before your boat ride, prevent from eating too much and keep breakfast light


    1. Sleep more before your excursion out to the islands!


    1. Avoid reading or constantly staring on your phone as it can give you a headache and make you feel worse


Phuket awaits!

Sun, sand and sea are calling your name! Book yourself on the next flight out to ultimate paradise.
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