Refined serving of surrealism in Montenegro’s Aman

Explore Adriatic’s stone encrusted secrets

Picasso, Chagall and Miró finds a temporary home at Montenegro’s Aman Sveti Stefan in an exclusive art exhibit

Art has always hung above Montenegro. The tides from the Adriatic Sea bounce against the blushing pink sand beaches, creating a soothing palette to the painterly eyes, and stirring daydreams under the warm glow of the sun.

The 1930s Villa Miločer, once home to Queen Marija Karadjordjevic, gazes into the view, along with the entirety of Aman Sveti Stefan. The resort in itself is another visual gem, but this time, it humbly bows down to give way to the marvellous works of the greats. From the 12th of July to the 8th of September, the resort celebrates art in the fullest expression in “Les Ateliers: Picasso, Chagall, Miró”, an exhibition that sings to the chorus of oil and graphite.

Aman Sveti Stefan - Island at Dusk

Aman Sveti Stefan – Island at Dusk

Aman Sveti Stefan - Guest Transfer Boat at Island Pier
Aman Sveti Stefan – Guest Transfer Boat at Island Pier


Aman Sveti Stefan - Island
Aman Sveti Stefan – Island

Works from three of the world’s most fables surrealists—from the emblematic portraits of Pablo Picasso, the romantic sketches of Marc Chagall, to the modern mosaics of Joan Miró—find their way into the resort, endowing beloved communal spaces with a newfound marvel. For a time, one can liberally gape at “les Amoureux,” “Le Lézard aux Plumes d’Or” and “Deux Femmes,” along with 57 beloved sketches, in the Piazza’s Cigar Room, Pasticerria, and the Italian restaurant Arva.

When in luck, take pictures, for spotting these images is like hunting for treasure—this one, a visual gift, especially when it complements its surrounding environment—the sea, the sky, the beautiful stone walls.

There are other reasons to celebrate the resort. Villa Miločer welcomes its newest one-bedroom cottage, showcasing splendid views from a private terrace. It joins the main resort’s eight suites and 51 enclaves scattered all over the island, offering terrific panoramas of the charming courtyards, the clear blue sea, or the vibrant piazzas. Every room and cottage is decked out with individual flair and spectacular angles of the land–one would not miss out on Montenegro’s beauty.

Aman Sveti Stefan - Aman Spa

Aman Sveti Stefan – Aman Spa

Aman Sveti Stefan - Aman Spa Pool
Aman Sveti Stefan – Aman Spa Pool


Aman Sveti Stefan - Arva, Winter Terrace
Aman Sveti Stefan – Arva, Winter Terrace

Summer arrives with few more gifts; one in the form of Daniela DaSilva, a certified mindfulness expert and yoga teacher. Quiet morning meditations and daily stretches offer healing, and when physical joints require more aid, there is Robert Hyrsky, a specialist in detox massage and craniosacral therapy. The Aman Spa, located at the Queen’s Beach, beckons with its 24-metre indoor swimming pool, Pilates studio and treatment suites armed with hydrotherapy and saunas. Island cottage experiences are made complete with a small gym along with six spa cottages.

Rakija Bar is the spot for congenial cocktails while enjoying the starlit evening. The Dining Room, Loggia and the Living Room, the resort’s three formal dining venues, are dressed in sophisticated elegance and breath-taking views of the sea. However, Arva is crowned best of them all, bearing within its walls Chagall’s “Groupe des Paysans” that deserves a good look, or two.

In this unique marriage of art, nature and splendid hospitality, Aman Sveti Stefan tips a nod to summer with a fine dose of surrealism. Here is a perfect opportunity to bask in various forms of art—ones created by God, to ones drawn by men. ◼

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