5 Tips for Nervous Travelers Who Want to See the World

Along with the thrill of shedding your day to day schedule to travel, certain aspects of the process can also be overwhelming.

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Honestly, there isn’t a great way to bypass certain difficulties associated with a trip, like navigating the airport, sitting on a flight or experiencing a difficult language barrier. These circumstances can and do happen to anyone, which can make the experience of traveling more stressful for a person predisposed to anxiety. While there may not be a way to completely avoid travel nervousness, there are several tips to consider to ease anxiety:

Do Some Research
Before you decide on your desired destination, take some time to research the locations that interest you. Do some internet research into peak and low seasons, activities offered in specific regions, currency exchanges, and cross-cultural considerations. The more you understand, the more comfortable you’ll feel during your visit.

Don’t Procrastinate the Planning Process
The more you delay travel planning, the more last-minute things come up, which adds to your stress. Along with creating a to-do list that incorporates the tasks needed to travel successfully, another useful trick is to utilize the reminders app on your smartphone (or the alarm feature) for deadlines you know you can’t miss. If for some reason you forget a specific step in your travel planning process, arranging notifications can help stay organized and timely.

Outline an Itinerary
A travel schedule outlines each component of a trip that can help create a set structure for each aspect of the location you want to discover. Implementing this method of organizing a plan can help dodge the feeling of being overwhelmed with the unknowns. Start by making a list and mapping out your itinerary stops. Then add dimension and detail by including activities you don’t want to miss. Once you finalize all your ideas, you’ll be sure you’ve accounted for everything.

Design a Financial Strategy
Financial stress and traveling go hand in hand. If you lack a plan for the trip budget, it could result in affordability or overspending dilemmas. While on the road, money management can be easier than ever. It’s all about taking advantage of conveniences available to you. Budgeting templates and spreadsheets can help you break down each travel expense, so you know how much you’re allocating towards lodging, transportation or restaurants, for example. You can save money on additional travel expenses and avoid fees from foreign transactions by using your smartphone for budget-friendly apps or monitoring your finances through the use of an online bank account.

Make Yourself Comfortable
Wearing your favorite pair of sweatpants, or bringing a pillow or blanket with you while you travel is always acceptable if it makes you feel less nervous — as these items often remind people of home. Preparing a relaxing playlist may also take the edge off your anxiety. Finally, meditation music with a calming beat may help you relax throughout your travels.

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Happy travels!

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