Advice for First Time Flyers

If you are an infrequent or first-time flyer, it might be overwhelming to think about all the things you'll have to do just to get to your destination. From packing to navigating the airport to getting through security, it can be scary for first-time flyers. We've got tips and tricks for first-time flyers that are sure to set your mind at ease!

1.Tips for Packing

Before you go, you’ll have to pack! Be sure to pack for the activities you’ll be doing on your trip. Pack coordinating clothing so you can mix and match outfits. And be sure to wear bulky clothing like hiking boots and coats to save on luggage space.


  1. Pack for Vacation Activities
  2. Pack Coordinating Clothes
  3. Wear Bulky Items

2.Carry On vs Checked

There are different ways to travel… Some people enjoy traveling light while large families may have a lot of luggage.

Both carry on and checked luggage options have perks. If you travel with a carry-on, you can keep your luggage with you but checked bags might be easier because they are transported by airline professionals for you. You can avoid the lines at the luggage counter and baggage claim with a carry on but checked bags have fewer restrictions. Carry-ons are usually cheaper or free while checked bags usually have a fee. There’s no right or wrong way to travel. Just do what’s best for you!


  1. Keep your luggage with you.
  1. Let someone else take care of it.
2. Avoid lines and baggage claim. 2. Fewer restrictions.
3. Free or inexpensive. 3. Usually have a fee.

Check for Baggage Fees


Whether you use a carry on or check your bags, minimize clothing needs by taking mix and match outfits, by using packing cubes, and by using the Sit and Zip method! This short clip can help you pack more efficiently.

Remember to follow TSA guidelines for a speedy experience for you and other travelers. And remember, no liquids in containers bigger than 3.4 ounces and don’t take any unacceptable items.

A complete list of packing advice is at


Every airport is different but they all work exactly the same. Make sure you have enough time and take it one thing at a time. If you need additional help, you can always look up airport maps online or ask airport personnel for help.


  1. Arrive: Park or Get Dropped off at your Terminal
  2. Check-In: Get checked in and drop off your checked luggage.
  3. Security: Go through Security. Have your Ticket and ID ready!
  4. Check Your Gate: Once through security, check your gate and boarding time.
  5. Take a Break: Grab a snack and a restroom break.
  6. Go to Your Gate: Wait at your Gate.
  7. Get Your Bags: Once you deplane, head to baggage claim to get bags.
  8. Get Your Rental Car: Head to Car Rentals to pick up your rental car.
  9. Leave: Leave the Airport and Have Fun!


If you’ve never gone through airport security, it can look a little scary.

  • ID – Have your ticket and ID ready and accessible at all times. Passports must be out of the holder.
  • Security Check – Remove your bag of liquids from your carry on before sending it through the x-ray machine. Place all your electronics in a bin. Place all small items in a bin as well. Remove everything from your pockets, shoes, hats, and belts before stepping into the scanner.


Different airlines board passengers differently. You’ll want to select your seat when ordering your ticket. But, some airlines, like Southwest, have open seating options, so you’ll want to check in online as early as possible to grab a good boarding group.

Seat rows are in numbered rows starting at 1. The further back you go, the larger the row numbers get. Seats are lettered starting with A on the left side of the plane and go in alphabetical towards the right side.


  1. Seat Rows start with 1 and go up.
  2. Seat A is on the left side of the plane and goes up from left to right.
  3. Your Carry On goes overhead.
  4. Your personal item goes under the seat in front of you.


  1. Board with your Group.
  2. Know what kind of seat you would like to sit before boarding.
  3. Pick your seat quickly.
  4. Your Carry On goes overhead.
  5. Your personal item goes under the seat in front of you.


Be sure to practice good manners while on board a plane. Everyone is in a tight space and everyone has a better experience when good manners are practiced by all.

  • Flight Attendants – A Flight Attendant's primary responsibility is to ensure your safety while on board. You should pay attention to the safety introduction and remember to be courteous to your airline crew when they are serving snacks and beverages.  
  • Window Coverings – Don’t open window coverings when people are sleeping.
  • Lights – The same thing goes for lights. Don’t turn them on when people are sleeping.
  • Armrests and Chair Etiquette – If you’re in the window seat, you get the armrest closest to the window. If you’re in an aisle seat, you get the aisle armrest. Passengers in the center seat get both armrests. Be mindful of leaning your seat back and how you use your drop down tray as it can disturb other passengers.
  • Stinky Food – Remember that airplanes are small and crowded. Don’t bring anything smelly onboard. It may be delicious to you but the other 99 people may not feel the same way!
  • Bathroom Lines – There are usually bathrooms at the front and rear of the plane. Do not crowd the restroom at the front of the plane.



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