How to Contact Airlines on Twitter – And Why You Should Do It

Why Follow Airlines on Twitter?

Air travel expert and FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney says tweets often get the quickest responses since most airlines have social media teams that monitor these feeds all the time. Why do they do this? They like to nip problems in the bud. After all, who wants to be slammed or shamed on social media for the world to see?

How to Get an Airline's Attention

Suppose you want to let an airline know how you feel or ask about a specific problem. You could call the carrier but you could also be on hold for a while (and "a while" can sometimes mean hours). Instead, simply mention the airline in a tweet – using the airline's twitter handle – and you may hear back from a social media person within a few minutes (though this can vary by airlines and circumstances).

Airline Twitter Accounts

Following an airline is simple, and you don't have to send out any tweets of your own, either (but it's nice to know you can if you want to).  Begin by signing up for a Twitter account; then it's just a matter of finding airlines you want to keep in touch with and clicking the "follow" button. You can also follow Rick Seaney and check out the latest airfare sales on @FareCompare.

Here are some of the most popular carriers and their twitter handles, plus links to accounts.

*We include Spirit, although to our knowledge it is the only airline that responds to customers with auto-tweets. "A big social media team costs money," the frugal airline told us.

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