Holiday Season Shopping Destination at La Vallée Village Paris

Luxury shopping experience at La Vallée Village Paris

There is a thrill in the air in Paris as the holidays descend, for the city is set aglow with a bounty of lights that romantically contrasts the chilly weather. The boulevards that lead to the Champs-Élysées are filled with gleeful shoppers, ready to revel in a momentous experience of indulgence. Tucked just on the outskirts of Paris a forty-minute drive away, the festive atmosphere deepens. The fashionistas amongst us head to this route, where the gates are marked, in charming scripts, “La Vallée Village”.

From afar, anyone might immediately suspect this quaint community as a residential subdivision. That is forgivable, with the charming cobblestone path snaking its way through lines of sweetly decorated homes in a true French flair, all decked with gorgeous effects that will make you take a second look. There are golden tassels and silver reindeers, sparkling ornaments and giant Christmas trees, all wrapped up in their magical wonder. The signs of summer have vanished. Still, there is a rousing feeling of festivity here, especially when you realize, at a closer look, that the homes are actually boutiques—about 110 of them, each housing luxury designer brands.

La Vallée Village Paris
La Vallée Village Paris

Don’t miss the key moments: Black Friday, from 29 November to 2 December and Private Sales from 26 to 31 December. During these periods, enjoy up to 60% off in the participating boutiques, upon presentation of this QR code.

La Vallee Village Paris
La Vallee Village Paris

Stepping into La Vallée Village is like entering a park, except that there are no heart-stopping rides, only jaw-dropping sights of glorious designer goods displayed on the large glass windows and protruding cases. Heads constantly turn to swoon with whispers of oohs and ahs while signature brands beckon with elegantly designed window displays. The boutique houses shine with an edgy appeal behind its black awnings and large windows. There is almost every designer name imaginable, all posted in the street signs that lead you through the village.

Windows are constantly pervaded with a decadent garnish of branded clothes; gardens are radiant with delicate lamps that beautifully illuminate the paths by evening. And, at times, there are unsuspected corners that showcase an unusual installation, one that reels in the holiday spirit, plus a few more fashionable showcases that render clothes in clear glass cases like a snow globe. Shopping in La Vallée Village is more of an experience, and you can vouch for unexpected elements in every turn of the way. You might even chance upon an impromptu performance of your favourite carols.

La Vallée Village Paris
La Vallée Village Paris

La Vallée Village is a destination, not a mall, where you can walk under the blue sky and a picturesque backdrop as a crowd of busy shoppers are engrossed with their bags, cradling their precious purchases, before jumping to the next door to discover more designs. The excitement is all about the wide variety of choices and its amazing sales, for La Vallée Village is home to designer discounts with a minimum of 33% off all year long on the retail price. All items are fresh with an exceptional style and a refined taste.

Here’s a tip: it gets tiring to skim through more-than-a-hundred stores, especially if you are searching for something rare and exceptional, but there is a chance for gastronomic breaks, for La Vallée Village is also home to many dining opportunities, from a rosy Gelato, a box of macarons, a plateful of salads to your good ‘ole frappe. Sit by the benches and soak in the atmosphere as you set your bags beside you—or leave them in the care of the village’s staff so you could dive into your next shopping adventure, for the day is not over yet.

La Vallée Village Paris's bubble displays
La Vallée Village Paris’s bubble displays

This holiday season is the perfect time to shop at La Vallée Village. Black Friday doesn’t last a day; it goes from the 29th of November until the 2nd of December, giving you the chance to haul in your much-desired items. Private sales, which allow you to scour through past collections and uncover your newest fashion treasures, are scheduled right after Christmas, from the 26th to the end of December. Save these dates on your calendar, and enjoy Paris to the fullest by shopping to your heart’s content. ◼

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