Teresa Tarmey Reviews: The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

Teresa Tarmey reviews her experiences at the Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

With over two decades in the industry, Teresa Tarmey is one of the world’s leading skincare experts. In this series, she shares her favorite destinations, spas, treatments and beauty tips.

A trip to Japan’s busy capital city of Tokyo is made all the more luxurious – and relaxing – with a visit to one of my favorite spas at the Mandarin Oriental.

Situated on the 37th floor, the spa is a haven of calm in the sky. Combining traditional rituals with modern techniques, the impressive spa menu offers a restorative and reviving experience that is worlds away from the metropolis below.

The Sakura Ritual

The Sakura Ritual is a bespoke top-to-toe treatment that focuses on relaxing your entire body. Like all the treatments on the menu, it starts with a foot bath – an ancient cultural tradition that peacefully prepares you for what’s about to come.

The spa is situated on the 37th floor, high above Tokyo

Once any specific needs of the treatment have been discussed, it is on to an Azuki Bean Scrub which is massaged into the body. A gentle yet effective exfoliant, the scrub contains sesame seeds, salt and finely ground Japanese Azuki beans which naturally draws out impurities from the skin and boosts circulation as well as tightening and moisturizing the skin.

The second step of the treatment is an all-over Kiatsu body massage which blends Japanese Shiatsu and Thai Massage techniques. Deeply therapeutic, it relieves sore tight muscles as well as involving some gentle stretching.

Lasting a blissful two hours, as expected the treatment leaves you feeling calm and rested – you might even find you fall asleep.

Continue the experience in the peaceful relaxation area where you’ll feel like you are the only person in the spa (even though it’s always fully booked). Take in the breathtaking views of the city or head to the heat and water oasis which features a crystal amethyst steam room, sky view dry sauna and rain showers. You are guaranteed to not want to leave. Ever.

Teresa Tarmey is one of the world’s leading skincare experts

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