Sun & Snow Escapes


Glaciers, lagoons and snow-topped peaks give Patagonia intrepid appeal

For Patagonia, summer in the Southern Hemisphere means long days of sunlight and optimum conditions for outdoor activities. Even with the sun shining more than any other time of year, you’re still able to appreciate the snow and ice. Los Glaciares National Park in southwest Argentina’s Austral Andes harbours a spellbinding concentration of glaciers within more than 700,000 hectares of UNESCO World Heritage land.

The vast landscape of Eolo Patagonia
The vast landscape of Eolo Patagonia

A portion of the Andes lies to the west, with Patagonian steppe on the eastern side, but almost half of this area is taken up by ice. Of the 47 major glaciers here, Perito Moreno is easily the most famous. This natural spectacle attracts visitors from around the world to witness its dramatic icefalls. Join a guided hike across the glistening ice and take a boat ride up to the glacier wall, then follow the national park’s hiking trails to lagoons in the mountains of the Fitz Roy Massif.

Estancia Cristina is tucked into the park’s mountainous landscape. Having been founded in 1914 by Joseph Percival Masters, this heritage lodge has a history going back more than 100 years. To this day, the lodge reflects this history through its estancia style but interiors have all been updated for optimum comfort. Explorations on foot, horseback and by boat take in the mountains, valley and glaciers of the remote region and evenings are spent tucking into asado and sharing stories by a fire.

Eolo Patagonia common areas livingroom
Eolo Patagonia common areas livingroom

Around halfway between Los Glaciares National Park and the nearby city El Calafate, you’ll then find EOLO. One of Argentina’s most coveted properties, EOLO sits within its own 4,000-hectare estate, offering the seclusion and adventure people come to Patagonia for, along with gastronomy, Argentine wines and rooms that make the most of the breathtaking views.

EOLO embodies the spirit of Patagonia. Built on the land where the first creole and European immigrants of the area initially set foot, one can’t help but sense the aura of adventure that the thousands of travelers who journeyed through this area have left behind. Visitors not only leave their mark but also depart with a sense of having been deeply transformed by the experience.

The hotel is conveniently located halfway between the city of El Calafate and Los Glaciares National Park, yet far from the commotion of the tourist activity in the area. The 10,000 acres property is a paradise for horseback riding, mountain bike rides, trekking, bird watching and, of course, to fully enjoy the subtle elegance of the installations.

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