This Iconic Hotel Brand Has More Than A Few Stories to Tell

The Fullertons

If these walls could talk, they would tell of hidden gold and secret tunnels. They’d whisper the colourful tales from workers of the historic post offices, lighthouse keepers and the forefathers of two iconic cities. Residing in historic heritage buildings in these prominent gateway cities, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and its new sister property The Fullerton Sydney are living, breathing museums, housed in former General Post Office buildings. Steeped in history, the preserved luxury heritage hotels connect guests with the stories of these destinations and the characters that helped build them.

The Fullerton Sydney

Owning two highly coveted addresses (No. 1 Fullerton Square in Singapore and No. 1 Martin Place in Sydney), The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Fullerton Hotel Sydney are imaginatively woven into the legend of their respective destinations. From an underground tunnel that led directly into a pub in Angel Place—where it was customary to go on a sneaky lunch break—to discovering 35cm-long gold bars while sorting the mail, historians working with The Fullerton Hotel Sydney have collected personal tales that offer a fascinating insight into what life was like during the bygone era. All the collected tales and memories of old and new form “Fullerton Stories”, which brings guests closer to the location, history and culture of each destination.

A great deal of custodial responsibility goes into the preservation of each Fullerton property, including painstaking research on the past and ways to preserve the architectural and social heritage of the buildings. Alongside fresh nuances and contemporary details, nostalgic touches evoke the individual spirit of each property, and history is captured through stories of food, art, culture, and the personalities behind them. Within this unique backdrop, guests are invited to create stories of their own.

A revitalised time capsule with localised experiences at its core, The Fullerton Hotel Sydney shares more than pedigree with its siblings. The Fullerton Hotel’s traditions, such as afternoon tea (pandan lamingtons, anyone?), and the signature ‘Sydney Sling’ cocktail are among the offerings at No 1 Martin Place. A spin-off of the Singapore Sling, the ‘Sydney Sling’ has authentic native touches, including Australian gin and ginger, but the cross-cultural exchange doesn’t stop there. Paying homage to the Asian heritage of the brand, The Fullerton Hotel Sydney’s new restaurant The Place serves up Southeast Asian dishes with Modern- Australian twists, such as Laksa paired with Australian prawns and scallops.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Built in 1928, The Fullerton Building, now The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, was the heart of the Lion City’s social and commercial endeavours. In 2015, it was gazetted as the country’s 71st National Monument and has become a base for discovering the city’s colonial and maritime history. Within the hotel, guests can admire many original architectural details and motifs, all of which have been meticulously restored. “We are fortunate to be located right in the heart of the Lion City, where we are surrounded by iconic landmarks including the Padang, Cavenagh Bridge, Anderson Bridge and Elgin Bridge. In short, we are where Singapore’s rich history comes alive,” says Cavaliere Giovanni Viterale, General Manager of The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts.

That commitment to heritage, arts, culture and culinary excellence is further fostered in the brand’s bespoke Fullerton Experiences, which offer activities including complimentary on-foot heritage tours for guests and the public in Singapore and now, in Sydney.

There are few luxury hospitality brands with a collection of hotels whose outward identities are so wonderfully and pleasingly different. From much-loved Grand Dames like The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and Sydney to the striking, ultra-modern Fullerton Bay Hotel which sits on the waters of Marina Bay, each hotel has a unique character and a special story to tell.

The Fullerton Hotel Sydney