Nukutepipi, French Polynesia’s Petite Paradise

Nukutepipi, one of the South Pacific islands

Isolated indulgence with a private lagoon, floating in the South Pacific

From overhead, the Nukutepipi island looks like an ear, peering out from the Pacific, listening to the universe’s demands. The triangular-shaped wonder is seemingly comprised of the lobe and a conch, with a patch of green in the folds of its broad reef. The centre of the island, a majestic blue the colour of the ocean, is a deep lagoon, blessing the island its private pool.

Nukutepipi villas

Nukutepipi villas

Among the atolls in the Duke of Gloucester Islands—tiny pearls on the ocean once named Cuatro Coronas—Nukutepipi is uninhabited, only to give way to curious jet setters who’d wander within its realms. Remote, but nonetheless swanky: Columns of palm trees march through its airstrip, leading to a private resort tucked inside the lush vegetation. The master house is grand, with its pool and expansive living space. Beside it, two junior villas with the same luxury and incredible panoramic angles. For the rest of the guests, 13 bungalows are perched by the pristine beach, offering straight access to the lagoon.

French Polynesia private paradise Nukutepipi, image Helenehavard photography

French Polynesia private paradise Nukutepipi, image Helenehavard photography

The South Pacific Management has added a few more facilities, just in case the lagoon does not satisfy. An oversized jacuzzi is installed near the freshwater pool and the beach charms with its dining facility for quick seaside brunches. Being remotely afloat 6,000 kilometres away from the closest continent, Nukutepipi is made to be self-sufficient, most notably in entertainment. Within its sprawling terrain is an exclusive tennis court, a basketball court, fitness room, and hammam, with Nordic bath and massages in its spa.

French Polynesia private paradise Nukutepipi, image Helenehavard photography

French Polynesia private paradise Nukutepipi, image Helenehavard photography

The beachside comes with a laidback hammock area, but for the adventurous, there’s a water sports facility offering boats for leisure, diving, and fishing. At daytime, cinematics can sit back and enjoy their favourite films in the movie theatre, by night, the beach transforms into a spectacular party, with its high-end sound system bursting with the beats in the heart-pumping playlist of the DJ’s best mix. ◼

Nukutepipi is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean , less than 1 000 Km from Bora Bora and Tahiti in French Polynesia. 

The closest international airport, Faa’a, is located on Tahiti and can accomodate private jets.

There are year-round direct flights to Tahiti from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Paris, Tokyo and Auckland.  And a weekly flight from Santiago de Chile arrives in Tahiti via Easter Island.

Transfers to and from Tahiti (via Papeete domestic airpot) to Nukutepipi are provided by private chartered flights.

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