Spa of the Week: Waldhotel Spa at Bürgenstock Resort

Wellness is part of Switzerland’s ethos – medical spas and wellness programs are by the dozens, but few do it quite as well as Bürgenstock Resort. Perched high above Lake Lucerne, and offering some of the most beautiful views in the region, the resort is home to four hotels, ten restaurants and bars and two spas, the Alpine Spa and Waldhotel Spa.

Waldhotel Spa

Waldhotel Spa © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

Waldhotel has garnered an esteemed reputation as one of the top destinations pairing luxury and top-notch medical spa programs. While immersed in Swiss scenery, you have access to some of the world’s best doctors, therapists and technology that can help you achieve any goal you wish – of course, your accommodations (like a chic two-bedroom suite) are five-star. There are 160 rooms and suites, all modernly decorated using natural materials.

Waldhotel Spa is a place for wellness and self-discovery and its motto “Healthy by Nature” was inspired by the natural surroundings. There is one outdoor pool, lap pool, three saunas, a salt cave, hammam, ice room, treatment rooms, skincare and beauty facilities and plenty of relaxation areas, plus an expansive outdoor terrace for which to enjoy the serene views.

Alpine Spa

Alpine Spa © Bürgenstock Hotels AG

Waldhotel has plenty of medical experts on staff and a series of programs to choose from, like Diagnostics and Advanced Check-Ups, Mobility & Activity programs, Body & Mind Balance, Beauty & Healthy Aging and Weight Management & Metabolism. Not all guests have to choose an intensive program, however. Guests visiting the spa can undergo a facial analysis and consultation, as well as a body analysis, to determine both short or long-term goals and set up treatments for the duration of your stay, all through a holistic lens. A therapist will recommend treatments tailored to your skin, like a cell repair facial treatment, full-body anti-aging treatments or cryolipolysis.

The spa also offers physiotherapy, electrotherapy, shock wave therapy, personal training, yoga and relaxation techniques, lymphatic drainage and more. Or you can simply visit for relaxing massages and facials for the ultimate pampering session. The spa works with renowned skincare specialist Susanne Kaufmann, who uses results-oriented natural ingredients to transform your skin, and Skinceuticals.

Waldhotel focuses on health even once you’re outside the spa. The Color Cuisine menu is available at Waldhotel’s Verbena Restaurant and was conceptualized by chef Martin Stein. The objective of the Color Cuisine menu is to re-balance the body and restore itself through food. The idea is to pair foods of the same color in the same dishes, as they have similar phytochemicals. Many believe that consuming similar-colored foods together helps maximize the nutrients delivered to the body and increase the absorption of these essential vitamins and minerals. Each day of the week focuses on a different color, which contains varying benefits. For example, Monday’s white foods are good for the brain; Tuesday’s yellow foods are anti-aging and anti-inflammatory; Wednesday’s grass green foods boost the immune system; Thursday’s orange foods are good for the skin; Friday’s red foods stop free radicals; Saturday’s fir green foods provide magensium; and Sunday’s purple foods protect vessels and deliver antioxidants. Of course, these are just a few benefits each color provides. You will enjoy a mostly plant-based menu with plenty of fish and herbs incorporated.

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