It’s about time: Bvlgari joins Singapore’s e-commerce

The heartbeat of Singapore’s cosmopolitan landscape is its people: the crowd of enthused shoppers marching their way through botanical streets that lead the way to the shopping malls—either in the landmark Marina Bay Sands, or the iconic Orchard Road, home to every gasp-worthy name in the world of opulence.

The thumping of stilettos, the crunching of leathers, luxury handbags swinging on one’s hands; it’s this energy that has been missing in the city for weeks. The economy of shopping has taken a hit, but for luxury brands, doors are not closed forever.

When one door closes, a browser window opens.

For Bvlgari, the window is a screen on the phone as they roll out their e-commerce platform starting May 21st. Debuting in Singapore, Bvlgari announces that this interface will ripple over to other major cities: UAE, Italy, France, South Korea, Mexico, and Brazil. While the brand certainly had its presence in luxurious boutiques, the need for creating a stronger, impactful online experience never arose, until this season.

It’s not the first among the many renowned luxury jewel brands to do so. However, Bvlgari Singapore manages to commit to something remarkable: an intimate e-concierge team that replicates a cosy in-boutique shopping experience, and a highlight that steals any onlooker’s heart away: an augmented reality store, among the first few in Singapore online shopping.



After all, the challenge is not just to make products accessible to Bvlgari’s devoted fans, but to make them feel the graciousness the brand has to offer. The intuitive e-concierge is already promising free-shipping, flexible delivery channels, and returns – whether online or through one of its boutiques. A variety of online payment methods make the purchase more secure.

The ‘new’ here is its 3D representation of luxury handbags, indulging fans with detailed visuals that do not only give one a peek of their products, but also examine it. It’s a brilliant way to apply personalization to a piece – a name, a new colour variant, an added accessory. The prototype will instantly give one a glimpse of how the product will look true to life.

With visuals that match real-life colour and scale, and an intelligent concierge that listens to one’s unique preference, Bvlgari Singapore enters the world of online shopping with a splash. ◼

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