Is Disney World Safe?

If you’ve postponed a Disney vacation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be wondering if it’s safe to return to the park.

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After all, Disney World reopened just about a month ago now, with a whole host of new policies and procedures in place to keep you safe. Is it working? Here’s what we know.

Temperature Screenings for All
Using no-touch thermometers at entry, the Disney World Theme Parks, Disney Springs area and table service at all Disney Resort hotels all require a 100.3 F or less body temperature for access.

Folks who do not pass this initial screen will be directed to another location for rescreening and assistance, if needed. Those with temperatures 100.4 F or above will not be permitted entry, and anyone in their party will also not be allowed inside.

Early guest reports that the screenings are unobtrusive and easy.

Face Covering Requirements
Face coverings are required for all Guests age 2 and up all and Cast Members (the traditional name for park employees). You should plan to bring your own and wear them at all times except for when you’re dining or swimming. Yes, even on rides!

All face masks must:

Have 2 layers of breathable material
Cover the nose and mouth completely and secure under the chin
Fit snugly against the side of the face
Be secured with ties or ear loops

Unacceptable face coverings include any mask with a valve, those made of mesh material or have holes of any kind. Costume masks are not permitted.

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Physical Distancing
At all times, guests should maintain 6 feet of social distance from others. This mandate creates some challenges for standard Disney experiences. For example, you’ll find plexiglass dividers in ride queues, and interactive experiences for some rides (that require touching screens or animatronics) have been temporarily disabled or modified.

Dining Modifications
Disney is “highly recommending” guests download the most current Disney Experience app. One main reason is to promote mobile ordering from restaurants and avoid long dining queues at the counters.

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Socially-Distanced Characters
In addition, some of the classic Disney experiences have been modified to facilitate social distancing while maintaining the fantasy element of visiting the park. Instead of the roving characters that wander freely intermingling with guests, right now Disney has implemented mini parades of Princesses and other characters on horseback. You might also get the chance to visit with a character wearing a plexiglass face shield, or observe characters on balconies strategically positioned at key spots around the park. It’s a little less magical, but still better than not getting to meet Belle, Ariel, Elsa or your favorite princess.

That just about covers the ways Disney has implemented procedures and policies to keep you safe. When it makes sense for you to visit Disney World is an individual choice. But what we can say for sure is that Disney takes the safety of its guests seriously and continues to prioritize the health of both guests and employees alike.

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