Booking Airline Tickets and Hotels with Bitcoin

Bitcoin valuation has been on an upward trajectory for most of 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down.

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We thought now might be a great time to remind all of our crypto customers that CheapAir is a great option for booking flights and hotels with digital currencies.

We know that our crypto customers are a loyal bunch who tend to travel more than the average CheapAir customer. And since bitcoin investors are sitting pretty right now, you might find yourselves in need of a simple way to book flights for your 2021 travel schedule. Though 2020 has thrown the travel industry some pretty tough curveballs, we’re confident that aircraft ventilation and overall air travel is safer than you might think, and the list of open countries continues to grow.

In addition, there is a move to offer pre-flight Covid testing and some popular destinations are implementing policies to help make leisure travel less complicated. Look to Hawaii’s Safe Travels program for thought leadership on how to keep leisure travel alive during a pandemic. They are welcoming people back and minimizing quarantine times.

As people continue essential business travel and make leisure plans into 2021, we want to remind you that CheapAir is here and ready to help when you’re ready to get back out there. We’ve been standing with the crypto community for years,since way back in 2013 when we started accepting bitcoin for payment – and we see unlimited potential going forward.

Stay safe and happy travels!

Book Flights with Bitcoin

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