The Complete Guide to Mt Cook

Mt Cook for Budget Travellers

Lace-up your hiking shoes because a budget trip to Mt Cook means a whole lot of walking! Among the glacier valleys and towering peaks of New Zealand’s highest mountains, the walks are among some of the most memorable in the country. Visitors can also enjoy the local visitor centre for free, which is more like a museum and art gallery. While there are cheap places to stay in Mt Cook, the downside is that they’re limited. Check out our budget tips and advice in The Guide to Mt Cook on a Budget to start planning your trip.

Budget Activities in Mt Cook

  • Hike the Hooker Valley Track
  • Visit the Aoraki Mt Cook National Park Visitor Centre
  • Check out the views from the Red Tarns Track
  • Visit the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre
  • Do some stargazing!

For more details, hikes and experiences, see the 10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Mt Cook.

Budget Accommodation in Mt Cook

Mt Cook Village has a couple of backpacker hostels/lodges, while a holiday park can be found in Glentanner on the way to Mt Cook. Due to the limited budget accommodation in Mt Cook, we recommend booking as early as possible. See some other nearby recommendations in the 5 Best Budget Accommodation in Mt Cook:

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Mt Cook for Luxury Travellers

As you arrive in the tiny alpine village of Aoraki Mt Cook and see the grand structure of The Hermitage Hotel perched on a hill, you know you’ve come to a place of luxury. Helicopter and ski plane operators get you among the peaks effortlessly, while private guided mountaineering, climbing and glacier-hiking guides offer more ways to tackle the extreme alpine landscapes. When you’re done with the day’s adventures, retreat to either one of the five-star lodges of Lake Pukaki or, of course, indulge at the hotel’s array of dining options and activities. Plan your luxury getaway with The Luxury Guide to Mt Cook.

Premium Activities in Mt Cook

  • Land on the Tasman Glacier in a ski plane
  • Do a heli-hike on New Zealand’s longest glacier
  • Treat yourself to a spa day
  • Do a guided hike in the Aoraki Mt Cook National Park
  • Do some epic backcountry skiing.

For more details on each experience and more, see the 10 Luxury Activities in Mt Cook.

Premium Accommodation in Mt Cook

You won’t struggle to find luxury accommodation in Mt Cook, as The Hermitage Hotel boasts a large number of rooms wrapped in contemporary luxury. For those looking for something more “boutique”, luxury lodges can be found scattered along the lakeshores of Lake Pukaki and the Ben Ohau Range. Here are our 5 Best Luxury Accommodation in Mt Cook:

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Mt Cook for Families

Aoraki Mt Cook National Park is, without a doubt, one of the best places to bring children to experience the alpine landscapes. An array of family-friendly walks await (just bring a baby carrier if you have infants), while glacier lake boat tours and even awesome helicopter and ski plane flights with snow landings are just some of the family-friendly experiences available. As for accommodation, either bring your own supplies and stay in one of the self-contained motels or make it a real holiday by staying at the hotel and get someone else to do the cooking for you.

Family-friendly Activities in Mt Cook

  • See the Tasman Glacier on the Blue Lakes and Tasman Glacier Lake Track
  • Roam around in the forest on the Governors Bush Walk
  • Take the skies in a helicopter or ski plane
  • Check out a planetarium and use powerful telescopes on a stargazing tour
  • Whiz around a glacier lake with giant icebergs on a boat tour.

For more details on each experience, check out the 7 Things to Do in Mt Cook with Kids.

Family Accommodation in Mt Cook

Take your pick from motel units with kitchen and bathroom facilities within easy reach, cheaper lodge rooms, private holiday homes or a double-queen room in the hotel! Either way, make sure to book your accommodation as early as possible in this busy hotspot with limited accommodation. Check out your options in the 5 Best Family Accommodation in Mt Cook:

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Mt Cook for Couples

Experience alpine romance in Aoraki Mt Cook, where the snowcapped mountains and glistening glacier waters provide an awe-inspiring yet romantic backdrop to your getaway. From ski plane flights to have a picnic among the peaks to teaming up in a double kayak to explore the icebergs of a glacier lake, there are many adventures for couples to experience together. As for accommodation, well, the views do most of the talking… Plan your perfect honeymoon, anniversary or couples’ getaway with The Honeymoon Guide to Mt Cook.

Romantic Activities in Mt Cook

  • Enjoy an intimate helicopter flight and picnic among the peaks
  • Tackle the Mt Cook hikes together
  • Do a glacier kayaking tour
  • Explore the Tasman Glacier on a heli-hike
  • Have a tipple at the Snowline Bar.

For more details on each activity, see the 9 Romantic Activities in Mt Cook for Couples.

Romantic Accommodation in Mt Cook

The boutique lodges on the shores of Lake Pukaki are undoubtedly the most endearing option for couples, especially if celebrating a special occasion. However, lodge, motel and hotel rooms in Mt Cook Village are well-appointed and almost all have breathtaking views to really set the tone for a romantic stay.

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Mt Cook for Foodies

This is the part of the travel guide where we would fill it up with all the food tours and experiences you could be having. However, once you see the towering peaks of this World Heritage Area, food is pushed way into the back of your mind. Nevertheless, if you really want a gastronomical experience incorporated into your trip, then your best bet is to stay with Mt Cook Lakeside Retreat for their garden-to-table cooking demonstrations, wine cellar stargazing observatory experience, and indulgent cuisine.

While Mt Cook does have some restaurants, most of which are run by The Hermitage Hotel, the most striking thing about them is the architecture. All of Mt Cook Village’s restaurants and cafes boast towering floor-to-ceiling windows facing Aoraki Mt Cook and the Tasman Valley.

Check out the Panorama Restaurant in the Hermitage Hotel for the closest thing to fine dining in Mt Cook Village. For lunch, The Old Mountaineers’ Cafe is a popular spot along with its organic coffee (it was also officially opened by Sir Edmund Hillary, himself), while the Chamois Bar & Grill is your go-to to catch a rugby game and enjoy a casual atmosphere.

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