Best Places to Visit According to Your Zodiac Sign

When you’re planning a trip you certainly think about the weather, the food, the culture, and the cost. But have you thought that there might be an ideal destination for you based on the stars?

Read on for the best places to visit according to your zodiac sign and let the cosmos guide you to travel perfection!

Best Places to Visit According to Your Zodiac Sign

OK, not everyone is a believer in astrology, but who isn’t curious about gaining a deeper level of self-knowledge? Even if you don’t check your horoscope every morning, this roundup of ideal destinations for every star sign will still give you plenty of inspiration!

The results come from a study carried out by Booking in which characteristic qualities of each star sign were combined with the responses from thousands of the site’s own users. Let’s see just how on the nose the results are, shall we?

Aquarius: Bắc Hà, Vietnam

best travel for zodiac aquarius

Imaginative, thoughtful, innovative, and above all extremely loyal, an Aquarius needs a destination that will let them truly leave their mark.

Bắc Hà, located in northern Vietnam, is a unique and laid-back spot during the week, but on the weekends it comes alive with some of the area’s best markets. The neighboring mountain tribes are a wealth of culture, tradition, and history that are sure to wow even the most well-read traveler.

You might as well take advantage of your visit and get to know the rest of Vietnam and the surrounding areas!

Pisces: St. Petersburg, Russia

best travel for zodiac pisces

People born between February 9 and March 20 are humble, patient, and kind, and most of all, die-hard art lovers.

That’s why St. Petersburg is a dream for any Pisces. Beyond the incredibly complex and compelling facts of Russian’s storied culture and history, the city is brimming with more artistic inspiration and activation than you’ll know what to do with.

From the Mariinsky Theater, with its ballet and opera, to the impressive architecture – the Kazan Cathedral, the Hermitage (Winter Palace), the Catherine Palace, and so much more – there won’t seem to be enough time to explore and enjoy all of the beauty on offer.

Aries: San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

best travel for zodiac aries

Adventurous, high-energy, and extremely enthusiastic, an Aries is passionate about freedom and finding new roads. That’s why San Pedro de Atacama in Chile is the ideal place for them to visit.

Immersed in the desert, surrounded by massive salt flats, volcanoes, geysers, and natural hot springs is a dream plan for an Aries looking to take some calculated risks in an otherworldly landscape.

In Atacama, you can test drive some extreme sports during the day while enjoying the pristine desert night sky once the sun goes down.

It’s the perfect combination of adventure and romance, so if you’re looking to woo your special someone, consider this the perfect opportunity.

Taurus: Rome, Italy

best travel for zodiac taurus

With their feet on the ground, driven by a love of luxury, comfort, and practicality, a Taurus is a sucker for delicious food and unforgettable moments spent with family. Of course, their dream destination has to reflect this, too. They enjoy pulling out all the stops and aren’t afraid to spend big for a worthwhile luxury experience.

Keeping this in mind, Rome is the ideal spot for a Taurus to visit. Next-level cuisine, an endless amount of sights to see, and more culture than you can shake a stick at – what’s not to love?

Between the pasta, the pizza, the gelato – and everything in between, let’s be real – Rome really is the most perfect place for a Taurus to spend their holiday.

Gemini: London, UK

best travel for zodiac gemini

One of the most complicated signs of the zodiac – that often gets a bad rap! – Geminis love to talk, meet people, explore, and learn as much as they can about everything around them. Taking this into account, London is the ideal destination for the astrological twins!

There are infinite options when it comes to activities and sightseeing, from architecture and gastronomy to fashion and nightlife, music and art and counterculture and so much more. The fact that it’s all in one place is a Gemini’s dream.

Once you’ve seen Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey, look beneath the surface and uncover the magical mystery that London contains.

Cancer: Bangkok, Thailand

best travel for zodiac cancer

Emotional, caring, protective and kind, Cancers tend to be introverted and lovers of peace and quiet. Which is why Thailand is a great place for these sensitive souls to visit.

With the perfect mix of tranquility, tradition, and modernity, there are floating markets, sky-high skyscrapers, lively street food and shows, and so much more that is sure to draw the attention of any Cancer.

Having the chance to visit postcard-perfect beaches, historic ruins, and show-stopping royal palaces is just the icing on the cake of this absolutely dreamy destination.

Leo: Carins, Australia

best travel for zodiac leo

King and Queen of the zodiac and of summer, Leos are creative, open, ambitious, strong, and independent. It’s a Leo’s world and we’re all just living in it. Their strong personalities and high self-esteem make them at once attractive and intense for other signs on the zodiac.

Cairns, a small city in northeast Australia, is the best place for a Leo to travel. Known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, its beaches are next-level beautiful, the weather is perfection, and it’s a popular spot for activities like skydiving.

This mix of natural beauty, laid-back fun, and endless adventure mean the Leo in your life will be happy as a claim in Cairns.

Virgo: Paris, France

best travel for zodiac virgo

Virgos crave order and sublime perfection, and nothing fits the bill better than Paris. Those born under this star sign value tranquility, sustainability, order, and nature. Lucky for them, the City of Lights has all of things in spade – and more.

Paris is vibrant, fashionable, delicious, fabulous. With its broad avenues and leafy green parks, there is a sense of beautiful balance that permeates the entire city.

From the Eiffel Tower, to Notre Dame, and the chic Rue Saint-Honoré, visitors’ senses will be subject to utter delight at every turn. The characteristic Parisian polish lends a sophisticated air to everything around you, meaning even the most mundane of moments will still be as perfect and memorable as can be.

Libra: Stockholm, Sweden

best travel for zodiac libra

There’s a reason that harmony-hungry Libras love Stockholm so much. People born under this star sign are charming, elegant, and have excellent taste; they’re kind, pacific, and diplomatic.

This Swedish city is full of beauty, an ideal destination for the sign marked by the scales. It’s a sustainable capital city, with plenty of eye candy without sacrificing the balance that keeps them happy.

Since they crave a change in routine and are always looking for the next fun activity, Libras will have a field day with Stockholm’s museums, parks, restaurants, and more.

Scorpio: Berlin, Germany

best travel for zodiac scorpio

Imaginative and intuitive Scorpios are also excellent at analyzing and exercising their willpower and strength. For all of these reasons and more, Germany’s capital city of Berlin is the best place for them to visit.

Berlin is beautiful, liberal, and cosmopolitan. It’s home to an incredibly diverse culture that offers something for everyone under the sun, no matter how dark or off-kilter their tastes may be.

There’s no doubt that a Scorpio would be in their element exploring Berlin’s history, nightlife, and social scene.

Sagittarius: Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region of China

best travel for zodiac sagittarius

Those born under Sagittarius are adventurous, entrepreneurial, open-minded, and always eager to meet new people or live new experiences. As such, the center of the Buddhist world is an ideal option for them to visit.

The capital of the Tibeta Autonomous Region, Lhasa is highly spiritual and known for its incredibly rich cultural heritage. Located along the Tibetan plateau, life here is tranquil, full of lessons to be learned by people from all walks of life.

Discovering the city’s myriad temples and holy sites, such as the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Norbulingka Palaces, would be a dream come true for any Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Queenstown, New Zealand

best travel for zodiac capricorn

Capricorn travelers are the most stable of the zodiac, and in general are considered to be ambitious, distant, and hard working. Queenstown, New Zealand is the perfect place for them to visit.

It combines adventure with hard work and stunning landscapes, in addition to being known as one of the most fun destinations on the planet. Around town you can partake in dozens of different activities, and if you’re keen to connect with nature there’s everything from mountain biking to paragliding and more.

If the Capricorn in your life is looking for a long-term experience, New Zealand is an excellent place to both live and work thanks to its great quality of life and high salaries.

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