Best Ski Destinations for COVID Safety

Last year’s strict COVID protocols led many U.S. ski resorts to adopt some of the more popular policies on a more permanent basis. Policies this year are a real mixed bag, with some resorts like Taos and Jackson Hole promising to put safety at a premium. And right now, you can get 20% off at many ski resorts around the country when you book with Here’s what you can expect.

Taos and Jackson Hole Will Limit Skier Numbers

A lot of the logistics in buying lift tickets, renting ski equipment, even parking spaces now require an online reservation. This is in place, as you’d expect, to cut down on crowds and lines at ticket booths on the mountains. Some resort areas, like Aspen, will still have open ticket windows, but some, like Taos and Jackson Hole found that people have better experiences with fewer people on the slopes.

These resorts continue to limit the number of people they’ll allow for better control on the numbers of snow worshippers at any one time. The best advice we can offer is to check in advance of your trip to see what the individual resort requires for lift ticket purchase – this will insure you’ll be able to get the most out of your vacation.

Indoor Safety Prioritized in Vail

Many resort areas have loosened mask restrictions and social distancing outdoors, but indoors is a different story. In fact, in Vail all 34 of the on-mountain dining establishments now require proof of vaccination.

Again, we recommend checking with your destination before you travel. The situation and policies continue to be fluid. It’s best to check in with your resort to make sure you are prepared for the requirements and you’re not surprised.

Ski and Snowboarding Lessons

Never fear, ski novices! By and large lessons for snow bunnies are still available. Some resorts will require an online health screen before you hit the slopes, so take care to find out the policies and procedures before you book your trip.

Where You Still Need Masks on the Slopes

Most resorts have relaxed masking mandates in lift lines, but a few still require masks in gondolas. At Deer Valley in Utah, masks are required in gondolas. California’s Mammoth Mountain requires masks in gondolas with mixed parties (when unrelated parties share a car). Finally, some resorts opt for a hybrid policy. Jackson Hole requires masks on trams. but you can skip them in gondolas.

Where You Still Need Masks Indoors

Masks are generally encouraged indoors, but some resorts do require them if you’re unvaccinated. Prepare to mask up at Winter Park in Colorado, for example. It’s on the honor system.

You can also expect a lot of resorts to offer expanded outdoor dining, to promote a more healthy environment for restaurant-goers. Happy Travels!

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