How Long Is the Turnaround Time for U.S. Passport Renewal Expected to Be?

There has been much focus placed on the reduction in processing time versus the current, outdated system. While there is no reason to believe that this won't hold true for nearly everyone, we're yet to see a concrete definition of estimated wait times.

Given that most people are expected to calculate 11 weeks to receive their renewed passport, nearly any reduction of that can be considered an improvement. By removing the need to mail in the documentation, the initial phases will definitely be accelerated. However, you'll still have to wait for the government to mail you your new passport to complete the process.

Ultimately, the updated passport renewal system will all be for the benefit of travelers. "This will save traveling Americans so much time and frustration," Lynn Minnaert of New York University's Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality said. "I believe that very soon we will be astounded that we ever applied for passports in any other way."