100 years of Berlin’s best bits

It’s no wonder that Berlin is known globally as one of the top cities for art, artists, and museums. With precious artefacts exhibited at over 170 museums and its own Museum Island in the historic heart of the city, you can see why people come from all over the world to visit. But there’s one modisch museum that really brings the past to life: Madame Tussauds.

Just down from the Brandenburg Gate is the Berlin branch of the international waxwork attraction. Opened in 2008, it’s had the likes of Heidi Klum, Manuel Neuer, Marilyn Monroe, and Angela Merkel under its roof. Not bad considering how busy they all are…

Hop into the hot seat and try your luck with ‘Wer Wird Millionär’, see whether your sonata is pathetique playing piano next to Beethoven, and let Einstein tell you if your IQ is relatively good. (Or not).

Even more exciting is the Berlin 100! exhibition, launched in June 2021. If you want to see the best of Berlin’s last century in one place, look no further. Drawing on key events and people that have shaped the city over the last 100 years, the exhibition will transport you back in time.

As it’s the biggest refurbishment the waxwork museum has had since opening, they’ve gone all out. Its interactivity for visitors is second to none — audio, video, games, and photo opportunities make the experience engaging for visitors old and young.

Here are a few highlights…

Come to the cabaret

Foxtrot down to the 1920’s dance club and mingle with Minnelli and Marlene. Liza and Ms. Dietrich are waiting for you there with bowler hats and black tailcoats at the ready. You’ll see what it was like in the heart of Berlin’s roaring nightlife at the time, and can practise your Charleston while you’re at it.

The Presidential Sweet

Grab a pic with John F. Kennedy at his historical 1963 trip to the capital. This was an iconic moment of the Cold War, with JFK stating ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ to show solidarity with his German audience. Urban legend has it that what he said translated to him being a German pastry, but that’s wrong. (Doughnut ask).

Bowie down to pop royalty

Mr. Ziggy Stardust himself, the legendary David Bowie, lived in Berlin throughout the late 1970s. It was here that he wrote the absolute anthem ‘Heroes’. Don’t feel under pressure, though (geddit?), you can stand right next to this pop icon for a selfie, no questions asked.

Can you handle The Hoff?

How can you relive key moments of history without remembering the fall of the wall? In November 1989 the Berlin Wall was torn down and the city once divided was reunited. On New Year’s Eve the same year, David Hasselhoff performed his single ‘Looking for Freedom’ from the rubble: the start of a new future for Germany. Work on your Hoff power stance in his crane and punch the air, 80’s-style.

The beautiful game

Fan of the Fußball? Immerse yourself in the adrenaline of 2006’s FIFA World Cup, held in the Berlin Olympiastadion. Can you keep up with Kahn? See if you can save as many balls as him in your individual goalkeeping scenario. Or pose next to Uwe Seeler, one of the best strikers in German history, with the 1954 World Cup. Pitch perfect.

Channel the Chancellor

What better way to celebrate Berlin’s history than with the most powerful woman in the world? Stand shoulder to shoulder with the longest-serving head of government in the European Union, Angela Merkel. An avid football fan, you can celebrate the World Cup with her in the midst of a cheering crowd.

Wave your flag

Jump aboard the Pride truck and raise those rainbows! Berlin has a long history of gay culture, and the world’s first gay village was in Schöneberg. Today, that district and many others across the city are proud to be LGBTQ+ areas. So, what are you waiting for? Share the love!

Have you been already? Let us know in the comments about your favorite part!

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