What You Need to Know About the US Passport Fee Hike

Starting December 27, the fee for a US passport will increase by $20 for all customers. The announcement was confirmed by the US State Department in a tweet: "The increased fee is necessary to ensure we continue to produce one of the most secure travel and identity documents in the world."


How Much Will a US Passport Cost?

Not all US passports are created equal, in the sense that there are a few different options to consider before knowing how much the fee will cost. For example, the type of passport you want, whether it's a renewal or a brand-new book, and how fast you need to have it ready.
Currently, the fee for an adult to renew their US passport by mail is $110. With the fee hike that takes effect today, the total cost is now $130. This represents an 18.2% increase overall. A first-time or replacement adult passport will now cost $165; travelers under 16 will pay $135.
There is a handy tool available on the State Department website that allows you to calculate precisely what the US passport renewal fee will cost you.
US passport fees
Additionally, this PDF chart puts the information in a super user-friendly format that is easy for anyone to understand.

Getting Your Passport: Mail-In vs. Online

The most common way to apply for or renew a US passport is through the mail. However, recent announcements by the White House confirmed that a more agile and streamlined process will be rolled out soon, meaning travelers will be able to submit documentation online.
The rollout is expected to take several months, and a specific deadline has not been communicated. Currently, the turnaround time to process a new or replacement passport can take up to 11 weeks. The new system is expected to reduce processing and wait times and increase accessibility for travelers across the country.

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