Functional and Fashionable Items to Wear on a Flight

People who travel for work quickly figure out tips and tricks to help stay comfortable and put-together in the air. But what about the rest of us? Here are some ideas for what to wear when you’re in the air.

Layers are best for weather extremes and being on a plane

Who among us hasn’t headed from a cold weather spot to warm and then back when on vacation? People tend to dress for the place that they’re headed (sundress and flip flops, anyone?) but forget they may be stuck on a freezing plane for a few hours before they get there! Wear some light layers so you can adjust depending on the situation. BONUS: If you can wear an overcoat on the plane (stow it in the overhead storage once you board), it frees up space in your luggage!

A giant, soft scarf can do triple duty!

If headed to cold weather destinations, a big soft scarf can be a great accessory. But seasoned flyers like to bring one in carry-on wherever they go. Since most airlines no longer offer free blankets and pillows during the flight, a big scarf can serve as a blanket or headrest. And you can find one at every price point!

Sweats and kicks don’t have to mean you lack style

In recent years, the rise of “athleisure” has mainstreamed what used to be clothing you’d only wear in the gym. COVID-19 made working from home in your jammies even more prevalent. Nowadays, people mostly do not dress up for flights. But that’s fine because even sweats are stylish these days. Pair some cute joggers with some cutting edge kicks and a denim jacket for no fuss, no muss casual glam.


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Closed-toed shoes beat open-toed styles

There are folks who swear by flip flops for flights – so you don’t get your socks dirty at security. But your tootsies are going to get cold on the plane AND there’s no telling what nasty stuff your toes could come in contact with on the airport floor. We recommend close-toed shoes for the flight – and show your style for miles – even when you wear comfy flats or kicks!


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Put it all together in a stylish carry-on

A stylish carry-on with easy access can be your best friend. Sure the traditional rolling bag is one way you can go, but how about a fashionable and colorful backpack, like this one from the cool British brand, CABINZERO? They have options for men and women, and the easy-access pockets make it as functional as it is fashionable!


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Now that you know what you should definitely wear on your flight, start a flight search for your next adventure!

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