Kenya’s Wild Adventure Activities Beyond Safaris & Beaches

For luxury travellers looking for an extraordinary getaway experience, Kenya offers a world of adventure activities beyond its celebrated wildlife and breathtaking beaches. From January to March – prime season in this African Gem – indulge your senses with several must-do options.

Try trekking & hiking safaris in Kenya

Kenya is an excellent destination for trekking and hiking safaris. The country is home to several mountain ranges, including the Aberdares and Mt. Kenya, which offer breathtaking views and the opportunity to spot a variety of wildlife.

For those interested in a more challenging trek, Mt. Kenya offers several routes of varying difficulty, including the Sirimon Route and the Chogoria Route. Both routes offer stunning views of the mountain’s peaks and the surrounding landscape and the chance to spot wildlife such as buffalo, elephant, and leopard.

The Aberdares, on the other hand, offer a more moderate trekking experience. The range is home to various wildlife, including elephants, buffalo, and lions, as well as beautiful forests and waterfalls.

Several options are available in Kenya if you’re looking for a luxury trekking experience. Many tour operators offer guided treks with experienced guides, comfortable accommodations, and all the necessary equipment. You can also choose to stay in a luxury lodge or tented camp during your trek, which offers the added convenience of hot showers and comfortable beds after a long day on the trail.

Exploring Hells Gate National Park & Mount Longonot

With adventure activities such as walking, hiking, biking, and boating, Hells Gate National Park offers adrenaline-filled adventure seekers a chance to explore the hidden recesses of the Great Rift Valley in Naivasha.

The landscape here is breathtaking; towering cliffs hemmed by spectacular scenic views and abundant flora and fauna roam the culverts and water-gouged gorges, with rock towers providing an impressive canopy. From adventure racers to day adventurers alike, there’s no shortage of reasons for people to be drawn to this magnificent natural wonderland.

Mount Longonot is an adventure-seeking paradise in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya. A unique combination of volcanic terrain and lush forests make this iconic landmark a remarkable find for adventure enthusiasts. The flanks are characterized by V-shaped valleys and ridges, providing breathtaking scenes for climbers or hikers to appreciate.

For those daring to adventure further, the crater boasts an impenetrable forest and even provides a reward for brave explorers – with no roads in the vicinity, visitors must hike up and go around the rim of the crater to take in the raw adventure activities of such a powerful location. Not only is Mount Longonot a beautiful landmark, but an adventurous one too.

The safaris of Kenya

The South Rift Valley of Kenya is teaming with adventure activities, offering every imaginable delight for tourists searching for a wild adventure. Named a protected reserve by the Kenyan government in 1983, this area hosts an array of wildlife, including buffalo, eland, leopard, bushbuck, zebra, giraffe and Grant’s gazelle.

Birdwatchers will particularly enjoy the scenery as it is a paradise for birds of prey soaring through the skies over this beautiful landscape. Visitors can find adventure through hiking, birdwatching, game viewing and nature photography, as well as camping under the stars. An intrepid safari awaits those seeking adventure in South Rift Valley.

Paragliding over Kerio Valley

Adventure-seekers looking for an aerial escapade that will take their breath away should look no further than Kerio Valley’s paragliding experience. Situated in the North Rift, adventure activities like this offer a thrilling view of the valley’s barren lands and sharp mountains, all while you glide through the air.

Every adventure is unique due to the shifting winds and rapidly changing landscapes of the area, so nobody will have the same experience as another person. Paragliding in Iten is perfect for anyone seeking sights and thrills, so take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Overall, Kenya is an excellent destination for luxury trekking and hiking safaris, offering a variety of trails and the opportunity to spot a wide range of wildlife in stunning natural surroundings.

Adventure continues along Kenya’s coastline

From surfing waves in the Indian Ocean to swimming among aquatic wildlife, adventure along Kenya’s sweeping coastline is genuinely unique. Explorers can find thrilling adventure activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving, windsurfing and whale watching, making Kenya the perfect destination for adventure seekers looking for an eye-opening experience. So whether you are a timid traveller or an extreme adventure junkie, plenty of exciting opportunities await your exploration along this fascinating coastline.

Spend your January sailing the African Spice Route for a truly memorable adventure. Join a traditional Swahili Dhow expedition along Kenya’s coast to discover some of East Africa’s most beautiful beaches. Participate in adventure activities like snorkelling, kayaking or simply sunbathing.

Along your trip, explore the Indian Ocean’s salty waters and all its wondrous flora and fauna. Visit local villages and learn about their history from experienced guides -all while experiencing magnificent views from the deck of your very own African-style dhow sailboat!

Kenya’s Big Five of the Sea at Watamu

Visiting Watamu for a deep-sea fishing adventure is like entering a new world. Watamu is renowned as one of the best adventure destinations in Africa and is known to locals as the ‘Big Five of the Sea’. Here, fishermen have the potential to come face-to-face with some of the most remarkable creatures from above and beneath the surface.

Those who take part in Watamu’s deep sea fishing journeys are rewarded with never-forgettable experiences, including sightings of some truly majestic marine life forming part of this unique adventure activity. Offering everything from the equatorial dolphins, striated dolphins, ‘bottle-nosed’ dolphins, humpbacked dolphins, sea turtles, Humpbacks whales, dwarf whales, killer whales, sharks, manta rays, sailfish and other species, be prepared for a lifetime worth of memories and stories. ◼

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