Are you looking for Super Bowl airline tickets?

If you’re a 49ers, Eagles, Bengals or Chiefs fan, you might have had your eyes on airline tickets to Phoenix for the last few weeks. If you have hopes of attending the Super Bowl, this post is for you. Even if you’re just planning to fly in for the party, here’s the nitty gritty on flights.

How expensive were flights last year?

Last year, airline tickets to Los Angeles from Cincinnati spiked 65% in the 5 days after Cincinnati was determined to be going to the Superbowl. That means that fares right now are on track to spike as soon as the teams are announced on Sunday. Here’s a couple of strategies so you don’t get shut out of a decent flight deal.

How can I get a reasonably-priced Super Bowl ticket if I don’t know if I‘ll need it until this weekend?

So, this is what we suggest. Buy your airline tickets now. Lock them in. You can buy a completely refundable ticket, so in the event your team does not make it to the Super Bowl you can get your money back.

Or, you can also go nonrefundable. Most airlines allow changes (with a fee) to nonrefundable tickets. In general, this means that as long as you pay the fee (and any changes to a new ticket’s price) you can get issued a credit for future travel. That credit will have an expiration date, but as long as you use the credit before the expiration date, you should be golden.

One other thing. Airline tickets are not transferable. So you can’t gift a friend with your unused credit. You’ll have to use it yourself.

Good luck to all the fans!

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