Winter sun (the eco way)

Swap grey skies for sunshine, sustainably.

There’s nothing quite like the prospect of a visit to warmer climes to carry you through the depths of the frosty months. If you’re plotting an escape this winter, consider these ways to make it a more planet-friendly getaway.

Watch your water

Depending on your winter sun destination, water may well be a scarce resource. Make sure taps are off when you’re not using them, avoid lengthy showers, and ask your accommodation provider about their water usage. If they collect and reuse grey water, for example, you know you’re onto a good thing.

Be sun safe

While protecting your skin on holiday is a top priority, many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals which can damage coral. Opt for eco-friendly products such as People 4 Ocean, which is formulated with marine biologists and helps fund the protection and restoration of endangered reefs worldwide.

Maldives, by Adam Lisan
Canary Islands
Canary Islands, by Cristian Palmer

Keep it local

When planning your activities or choosing where to eat, try to opt for locally-run options to ensure your tourist dollars are feeding back into the local economy. That might mean giving multinational chains a miss on holiday, and doing a bit of digging – such as reading the “About us” section of a website to find out about community involvement, or asking at your accommodation for a recommendation on a good local option.

Explore responsibly

Activities like diving and snorkelling can be the highlight of a holiday, but make sure your explorations are not at the expense of sealife. Always follow good underwater etiquette and use qualified local guides to navigate to the best spots without causing any damage. Whale-watching should be similarly responsible, and good operators will always keep at a safe distance.

Stay sustainably

Do your research on accommodation options before you book: look out for resorts that employ local people, have a clear policy on recycling and waste, and use local food suppliers. Travalyst partners such as, Expedia, and Google are beginning to showcase this information for properties on their sites; find out more about these features and what they look like here.

Travel aware

At your destination, consider getting about by bike or electric vehicle. Travelling there, you can opt to select lower impact flight options using information shared by our partners; find out more here.

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