Top 10 Restaurants Near the Louvre

On your next trip to the museum, don’t get caught hungry by not researching restaurants near the Louvre. Whether you’re looking for vegetarian-friendly affairs, or hoping for some delicious hot cocoa, there are plenty of amazing spots to grab a bite to eat.

The Louvre is the largest art museum in the world. Standing at 60,000 square meters, you’re bound to get hungry as you peruse work by da Vinci, Alexandros of Antioch, and Antonio Canova. While planning your visit to the Louvre, make the most of your trip by booking a reservation at one of these top hunger-busting establishments.

Best spot for an espresso to go: 📍Télescope

This espresso shop is a favorite for local Parisians, located behind the Louvre. Considered to be home to some of the best coffee in Paris, you should get your caffeine fix at Télescope before heading into the Louvre. Also, if you need an afternoon pick-me-up, Télescope is open until 3 pm, serving delicious pastries such as salted caramel cookies.

In front of Café Télescope near Louvre
Télescope café near Louvre in Paris. Photo from telescopecafe on Instagram

Best classic Parisian bistro near the Louvre: 📍Le Louvre Ripaille 

This little Parisian restaurant serves upscale French classics in a down-to-earth setting with prices that won’t break the bank. Escargot, unforgettable cheeseburgers, and the long wine lists are all staples of this sit-down, family-friendly restaurant. The restaurant is decked out in a retro style, so patrons can feel cozy and right at home.

Delicious and traditional french bistro at Le Louvre Ripaille
Try a classic Parisian bistro at Le Louvre Ripaille. Photo from le_louvre_ripaille on Instagram

Best to-go lunch near the Louvre: 📍Franprix

Are you running late to see the Mona Lisa? Then, grab a takeaway box at Franprix. Only two minutes from the Louvre, this supermarket is perfect for grabbing a quick bite to eat or ensuring your kids put something in their bellies. Head to the below €5 section for some yummy and affordable lunch; every Parisian has done it at some point.

For those looking to lounge in Jardin des Tuileries, Franprix has everything you need for a picnic. Pick out some chilled wine or beer, along with some brie and bread, for an afternoon respite following your visit to the Louvre.

Trendiest lunch restaurant near the Louvre: 📍Les Foodies 

This trendy restaurant is within a ten-minute walk of the Louvre, serving up some pretty good Asian-influenced Mediterranean food. Known as a fusion restaurant, this affordable spot is a melting pot of different cultures – similar to the art collections on display in the Louvre. The menu is seasonal, determined only to serve fresh ingredients. Between the chic decor, good service, and trendy dishes, Les Foodies is a perfect spot for lunch near the Louvre.

Looking for a nice restaurant for lunch or diner? Try Les Foodies near the Louvre!
Fusion restaurant Les Foodies near Louvre. Photo from lesfoodiesparis on Instagram

Best pizza restaurant near the Louvre: 📍Pizzeria Lovine’s 

Are you craving some cheesy goodness? Lovine’s is a local’s favorite in Paris specializing in Neapolitan pizza. This spot is eat-in or to-go, but a reservation is highly recommended since the restaurant is on the smaller side and the pizza is quite popular. There’s an excellent diversity of Italian dishes on the menu, and the Burratisma pie is vegetarian-friendly and delicious! Go for a classic calzone and head over to Jardin des Tuileries to admire the Louvre and enjoy a picnic.

Pizzas and drinks on a dining table at Pizzeria Lovine's
Local’s favorite Neapolitan pizza spot – Pizzeria Lovine’s near Louvre. Photo from iovines_pizzerie

Best restaurant near the Louvre for American cuisine: 📍Ellsworth

This local favorite spot puts a French twist on some American classics. Ellsworth usually has a line of patrons drooling over the homemade fried chicken. This restaurant is romantic and cozy, but the small plate offerings fit the restaurant’s vibe perfectly. The pickles are another favorite on the menu, proving this restaurant is ideal for diners looking for some good ol’ hearty American cuisine.

🌟 Pro tip: Don’t fail to make a reservation before stopping in for lunch because this delicious spot is always packed to the brim with customers.

Restaurant Ellsworth offers American classics with a French twist.
Try their world-class fried chicken combine with small dishes. Photo from on Instagram

Best restaurant near the Louvre with a view of the Seine: 📍Maison Maison 

The French restaurant, Maison Maison, provides some of the best outdoor seating in Paris. Its position on the Seine means guests can enjoy a peaceful bite to eat without any traffic sounds. This is the perfect spot for a quick afternoon snack, or for when you’re eager to lounge by the Seine with a refreshing drink. The ideal pit stop, visitors will always find something to enjoy at Maison Maison.

🌟 Pro Tip: Book a reservation for sunset to enjoy a pre-dinner drink with one of the best views in town.

Restaurant Maison Maison;s terrace and Seine river
Terrace from Maison Maison and amazing view of the Seine. Photo from thelittlepath

Best restaurant near the Louvre for hot cocoa: 📍Angelina Paris Musée du Louvre

Craving a little dessert at the end of an afternoon exploring Renaissance art? Angelina is the go-to place for some warm, one-of-a-kind hot cocoa. Another Paris staple, the belle époque-style decor is very fitting in this 1903 tea room. Coco Chanel reportedly used to come here every single day for an espresso. Keep in mind the tea room is usually very crowded, and the hot cocoa takes a while to reach perfection. Guests can reserve a table ahead of time for breakfast or lunch.

Best restaurant near the Louvre for upscale French cuisine: 📍Le Grand Vefour 

Located on the edge of the Jardin du Palais-royal, this 200-year-old restaurant is decorated to the nines with ornate decor. This restaurant is of historical importance as it used to serve Napoleon I and his wife, Joséphine. If you’re looking to impress some guests, or you want to feel like royalty for the evening, this magnificent restaurant is the place to be. Between the variety of cheeses and the fresh fish, guests will be raving about this upscale restaurant.

Best restaurant in the Louvre with a view of the museum: 📍Le Café Marly

Don’t feel like walking anymore? Then head to one of the eateries in the Louvre, like Le Café Marly. Le Café Marly is a Parisian institution with a standout location in the Louvre. It overlooks the museum’s courtyard and serves delicious small plates, like spring rolls and beef tartare. It’s a bit pricey due to its prime location, and reservations are recommended to ensure your gaze gets the most of that spectacular view. It’s also open all day, so breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at Café Marly.

🌟 Pro Tip: Secure a ticket to the Louvre in the afternoon and then make a reservation at Le Café Marly. As the sun sets, you’ll get to sip on a martini or an espresso and catch some gorgeous views of the Louvre’s Pyramid.

Restaurant Le Café Marly not only has good food but also with a good view of the Louvre.
Dining with a view at Le Café Marly. Photo from cafe_marly

A brief history of the Louvre 

The Louvre began its life as a 12th-century fortress by King Philip II, designed to protect the city. Then in 1546, King Francis I converted it into a royal palace and added his own art collection. Every subsequent French monarch added extensions, gardens, and their own art collections before Louis XIV moved the court to Versailles in 1682.

The French Revolution brought about more than the fall of the monarchy. The Louvre became an established art museum on August 10, 1793, under the name Musée Central des Arts in the Grande Galerie of the Louvre.

Almost 200 years later, Chinese American architect, I.M. Pei, unveiled a new entrance to the museum – the famous steel-and-glass pyramid in the center of the courtyard. Today, the Louvre’s 35,000 art collection represents 11,000 years of human history and welcomes more than 10 million visitors annually.

Extra Louvre tips 🌟

Don’t want to wait to get into all that art? Then, grab these fast-track tickets and pick a designated timeslot to avoid waiting in long lines for a ticket. Arrive a few minutes before your designated entry time at the Louvre, flash your e-ticket on your phone, and you’re good to go! Keep in mind that you’re guaranteed entry within 30 minutes of your time slot, so arrive a little bit earlier to be safe.

Eager to catch all of the Louvre’s highlights? This tour of the Louvre takes you around the museum’s must-sees. The Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, and Venus de Milo, among other standouts, paired with an English-speaking guide. With skip-the-line access, this whirlwind tour will help you make the most of your time at the Louvre. These tours are limited to groups six people maximum.

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