Hong Kong’s Best Runnings Trails

It’s time to put on your best shoes and run around if you are in Hong Kong. Luckily, there are plenty of options for your next run, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Take on these running trails in Hong Kong and get those miles and steps in. 

8 Most Stunning Running Trails In Hong Kong

Got a weekend to spare? Have time after work to cool off? Forget sleeping in until noon or heading straight home. Dust off your running gear, pack a snack and go for a nice jog in the spring breeze. Stunning picturesque views crown these running trails, showcasing the best of the best of what the city has to offer. Some even end at beaches like Silvermine Bay Beach in Mui Wo for the ultimate reward. And if you time it right, you can even catch the perfect view of the golden hour sunset.

A run around the city is one of the best ways to explore it all while keeping healthy and fit. So, take advantage of the great weather and plan for your next run. So, save this list of the best running trails in Hong Kong for any kind of runners to consider.

Hong Kong’s best running trails for the perfect workout

Mount Davis

Don’t be put off by its seemingly intimidating name. Mount Davis is no rigorous uphill climb but a fairly gentle route that comes with sweeping city views. And as you reach the top, it becomes a perfect contender for sunset jogs. Don’t miss the impressive fort ruins and World War II remnants dotted along the way. The trail was a key location as an artillery site once upon a time.

Victoria Peak (Lugard Road Loop)

This one needs no extra description. For a trail that promises a consummate, picture-perfect view of the city, the Lugard Road circle loop atop Victoria Peak is the best one to head on. It’s also a wonderful spot to catch the sunrise or sunset. Plus, it offers a panoramic view of the city.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Incredible views of the iconic Victoria Harbour accompany this leisurely route. Beginning from Star Ferry Terminal stretching to Hung Hom, enjoy a brisk waterfront breeze while sprinting past iconic landmarks. These include the clock tower, art and science museums, and Avenue of Stars. Duck into neighbouring K11 Musea and alfresco bar, Ink for a quick refresher afterwards.

Bowen Road

A comfortable route set against the backdrop of the city, Bowen Road is ideal for anyone looking to squeeze in a quick jog during the day. It’s a track that is easy to love. It’s flat, calming, shaded with plenty of trees, and overlooks the cityscape of Central and Wanchai. 

Tai Tam Reservoir to Repulse Bay

This is a tranquil route that winds through Tai Tam Reservoir before ending up at Repulse Bay. The trail is one to patronise should you be the type of runner that anticipates a satisfying end reward. It offers a quick dip in the ocean, a relaxed lie on soft white sand, and a frozen fruit popsicle. Luckily, mid-route views on this track aren’t too shabby either, with endless waterfalls, reservoirs and lots of greenery. The 5.5-kilometre path composed of easy paved runs and more technical trails is worth it.

Discovery Bay to Silvermine Bay Beach

Most running trails in Hong Kong come with sweeping views of the cityscape and Discovery Bay to Silvermine Bay Beach is no different. But what we love about this route is the reward at the end: a beach with multiple restaurants nearby. But also, along the way, you’ll encounter several things such as the monastery and the pagoda lookout with coastal views. It makes the run even more exciting.

The Twins

It’s not the distance that gives The Twins its menacing reputation as the ‘Terrible Twins’ but the steep, continuous 1,000 steps inclining skyward. Oof. What you’ll get when you do reach the top, though, are stunning seascapes that will hopefully make the climb extra worth it. It’s already a challenge to complete as a regular walk but for those bold and daring, try running up instead.

Hong Kong Trail

For intrepid runners, the Hong Kong trail is the one to tackle if you are looking for an exciting challenge. A lengthy 50-kilometre distance, it stretches across five country parks. It begins from Victoria Peak towards Big Wave Bay and has eight different sections dotted with winding turns, rocky paths, and bumpy slopes. One positive note, it’s generously shaded for cooling temps. For novices, begin with the smaller sections first before taking on the entire route.

Written By Jianne Soriano and Lorria Sahmet

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