How to Search for Cheap Hotels

FareCompare has been helping travelers find cheap flights for over ten years. And now we’re helping customers find cheap hotels, too! We’ll walk you through how to perform a search and share tips on how to find cheap hotels.

Hotels Search

Searching for a hotel is fast and easy, but we’ll need a bit of information before we find you the perfect hotel. You’ll notice a few fields in the search box that include city, both check-in and check-out dates, and the number of rooms you’ll need.

In the city field, you can simply type in the city you need a hotel for. You can also select from a list of prepopulated common destinations.

To select check-in and check-out dates, click the section. A calendar will appear and you can select your desired dates. The calendar will be color-coded to show check-in and check-out dates (dark blue) and booked dates (blue).

You can also select how many rooms you would like to book. Simply click the + or – buttons to add or remove rooms.

Once your search is set-up, be sure to select other sites to compare prices. You can select up to six sites to review prices on. Comparing prices is the best way to save as much as possible on your hotel.

Once you’re ready, click Find Hotels to start shopping for the best hotels and deals.

Results Page

When you click Find Hotels, you’ll be redirected to the results page. Here you’ll see a variety of information like your search parameters, a list of results, and a map.

If you need to edit or change your search parameters, you can do so in the upper left-hand corner of the page. You can change the search city, the number of rooms, and dates.

Under the search parameters, you’ll see options to filter. This will allow you to narrow down the search results based off of price, the hotel star rating, customer reviews, property types, and amenities.

The list of available hotels will populate under the search parameters and filter options. You can see and scroll through a list of hotels. You’ll see the hotel name and price in bold, followed by the address, the star rating, and guest reviews.
hotel map view
The map will display hotel locations. You can zoom in and out to see hotel locations in more detail and even use Google street view. You can also toggle between list view and map view by using the button in the upper right-hand corner.
selecting hotel from map
Once you find a hotel you like, click the listing. You’ll be redirected to the hotel details page.

Hotel Details

The hotel details page is where you can see all the information about a hotel. These details include all the information you will need to make the best decision for your accommodations. The page is set up with two columns, on the right is the booking details and on the left is detailed hotel information.

On the right side of the page, you’ll see all the booking details for the property. These details include the price per night and the option to book the room with the preferred partner. You’ll also see the hotel name and address along with the hotel’s 5-star rating and average customer review. A location map will help you verify that the hotel is in the area you would like to stay in.
slider of hotel photos
Each hotel detail page has a variety of images on the left side of the page. You can scroll through the images to see the property, rooms, and amenities. Hotel images can help you get an idea of where you’ll be staying and if it will meet all your needs.

You can also read about the hotel and all it has to offer on the hotel details page. The description usually lists activities and amenities that are customer favorites like room features, hotel dining options, and nearby attractions.

Underneath the description, you’ll see a list of hotel amenities. This list will help you determine if the hotel has what you need for your trip. If you’re going for business, WiFI is a must! But if you’re going on a relaxing vacation then you may look for a spa instead.

Be sure to check out the average user reviews as well. These unbiased reviews are from guests just like you who share their personal feedback on hotels. Some categories include an overall review and feedback on hotel cleanliness, service, and more.

Finding cheap flights is easy too!

You can review more pricing options from partners at the bottom of the page. This may be helpful if you are part of a customer loyalty program or have a gift card.

How to Find Cheap Hotels

We’ve got a lot of great tips on how to find a cheap hotel. You won’t want to miss this helpful article that will help you find a great hotel deal. It covers tips like when to book, finding a hotel deal, and other ways of saving.

Ready to Find Your Hotel?

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Search for Cheap Hotels

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