Traveling to Hallstatt by train

If you intend to visit this picturesque Alpine village in the lake district of Austria you might want to consider traveling there by train. Going to Hallstatt by train is extremely convenient as the train stops just a short distance from the ferry which will take you across the lake Hallstätter See to Hallstatt town.

ÖBB Railjet

Traveling by train also allows you to view the amazing vistas as the train rolls by the Alpine mountains, the quaint villages that seemed to have escaped the modernization of the cities and fast flowing rivers of melted mountain snow.

Austrian Lake District

You can start your journey from either Vienna or Salzburg. If you start from Vienna the ÖBB Railjet train departs hourly from Wien Hauptbahnhof station to Attnang-Puchheim where you will need to change to a local train from Attnang-Puchheim to Hallstatt. The journey from Vienna to Attnang-Puchheim takes about an hour an forty-eight minutes with intermediate stops.

From Attnang-Puchheim the journey takes about an hour and thirteen to an hour and thirty-seven minutes to reach Hallstatt station depending on the type of train which is running. This is the best part of the trip as you will pass beautiful lakes, snow capped mountains and fast flowing streams. There are also scenic towns you might want to visit along the way such as Bad Ischl and Bad Goisern where you might want to stop for a short visit or for a meal.

Boarding the ferry to Hallstatt train station

You can also start your journey from Salzburg Hauptbahnhof station where the ÖBB train also departs hourly. You will also have to switch to the same local train at Attnang-Puchheim. The journey from Salzburg to Attnang Puchheim is about 44 minutes with no stops.

On approaching Hallstatt you will be able to see how amazing the town looks from across the lake. The train station is across the lake from the town and the easiest access to the town is by a short ferry ride.

Once you reach Hallstatt station do not be surprised if it looks more like a train stop than a station! You can now walk to the jetty a short distance away and you will have to carry your luggage with you for the walk along the beautiful rugged scenery.

Boarding the ferry to Hallstatt train station

Be mindful that the ferry departs and arrive at Hallstatt town on fixed schedules which may vary with the seasons. You might not want to arrive after the last ferry has departed as you will be stranded at the station. If this happens you might want to give the towns mentioned earlier a visit!

View of Hallstatt from across the lake

After arriving in Hallstatt check-in to your hotel and start exploring the town. There are numerous restaurants and souvenir shops to cater for the more touristy types. You can also visit the Salzwelten salt mine and museum by riding the funicular train up to visit the World Heritage View Skywalk.

View of Hallstatt

Check the opening and closing times of the places you are visiting to ensure that you can make it up to the salt museum and back in time for your next destination as you will have to factor in the ferry and train schedules too.

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