The Summer Edition Of Universal Cool Japan 2019 Features Sailor Moon, Attack On …

Sailor Moon, Godzilla and more at Universal Studios Japan!

The 5th edition of Universal Cool Japan summer term is here and it’s bigger and better than ever! To celebrate the 5th year of this event, some of the best names in Japanese entertainment have come together on a never before seen scale.

Credit: Universal Studios Japan

This summer, travel back into the days of your childhood with names like Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan and Godzilla vs Evangelion! Read on to find out what you can expect.

Universal Cool Japan Summer
Date: 31 May to 25 August 2019

Getting tickets to Universal Studios Japan

Pre-book your Universal Studios Japan tickets and enjoy open-dated entry, giving you the ultimate flexibility in deciding your dates of visit. You can simply flash your mobile e-vouchers at the turnstiles and enter the park directly, allowing you to skip long ticketing lines.

Pair yours with a Universal Express pass to skip the lines at some of the most popular rides in the park.

1. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon : The Miracle 4-D -Moon Palace Edition

You won’t need any introduction to Sailor Moon. Step into the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon : The Miracle 4-D -Moon Palace Edition experience and get ready to help power up Super Sailor Moon. Cornered by an enemy attack, team up with the heroic Sailor Guardians and get ready for an immersive experience like no other.

Check out the show schedule which is released approximately 7 to 10 days in advance for the showtimes.

Location: Cinema 4-D Theater

Sailor Moon merchandise

You’ll definitely want to get your hands on the extremely cute Sailor Moon themed merch! Luna makes for a great companion for your day at the park and the cute little bows will surely level up your #OOTD game.

Sailor Moon themed food

The snacks at Universal Studios Japan just got a whole lot cuter! Get ready for Sailor Moon themed snacks and the cutest little popcorn buckets that you can take home as a souvenir.

2. Godzilla vs Evangelion : The Real 4D

Fans of both Godzilla and Evangelion, you’ll probably be thrilled by this collaboration! The giant monster Godzilla is back destroying Tokyo and Evangelion is here to stop that. Watch them face off in an intense 3D experience with wind, water and other special effects that are bound to blow you away.

Godzilla vs Evangelion goods and food

Complete your Godzilla vs Evangelion experience with a badass popcorn bucket! Be sure to grab these limited edition goods while you can.

3. Attack on Titan : The Real

The Attack on Titan might be the newest addition to Universal Studios Japan but it’s widely loved worldwide! The 3D experience will be a unique mix of projection mapping and 3D technology that will have you be a part of the Survey Corps. You can also meet life sized human like characters, or clone-iods.

Attack on Titan : The Real themed goods and snacks

Grab some limited edition Godzilla vs Evangelion churros or a limited edition parka before heading off!

Other Universal Studios Japan things to check out

Check out our Universal Studios Japan guide for more handy tips!

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