21 Places to Visit Around the World in 2021: Part Two

We’re back and ready to share the latest installment of 21 Places to Visit Around the World in 2021 with you! If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to check out our first post published earlier this week. We promise it will be worth your while.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on ideal destinations and places to travel this year – virtually or otherwise – we’ve got you covered. No matter how much the world changes, we will never lose our passion for discovering new places or finding the best flight deals to get there!

21 Places to Visit in 2021: Part Two


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Singapore is a superlative destination. The city state – one of only three, alongside Vatican City and Monaco – is one of the world’s greenest. It also boasts the world’s busiest port, four official languages, and one of the most prosperous economies on the planet. The Lion City, as Singapore is known, is an excellent place to visit for travelers that find themselves in Southeast Asia.

The island may be small, but there’s no shortage of activities and sights. The Singapore Botanic Gardens are home to over 10,000 plants and dozens of jungle creatures. Gardens by the Bay provides a quintessential mashup of lush natural beauty and modern architectural marvels. Little India and Chinatown are must-visit places for foodies in Singapore, and no visit would be complete without a nighttime cocktail at the Marina Bay Sands rooftop.


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Few countries offer such a diverse array of history, culture, gastronomy, and natural beauty as Israel. Its myriad beaches along the Mediterranean coast are popular among visitors of all ages, especially in Tel Aviv. Visit the briny waters of the Dead Sea to experience the feeling of floating in the world’s lowest body of water. Tourists from every faith will find landmarks, monuments, and holy sites throughout Israel, from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and everywhere in between. If you’re eager to head further afield, day trips to Petra, Jordan are easy to take from Tel Aviv.


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Once one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, Portugal is now one of the most popular places on the continent. And with good reason: the small country is dripping with history and culture, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible architecture. From the rolling hills of the Porto wine region to the turquoise waters along the Algarve coast, Portugal is simply captivating. No visit is complete without roaming the streets of Lisbon to the melancholic melodies of fado, taking in the magic of Sintra, or contemplating the Age of Discovery at the Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument.


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There’s a reason Japan consistently ranks on must-visit travel lists. Its enchanting blend of traditional and modern, deliberate and fast-paced casts a spell upon every visitor to set foot there. From the neon lights of Tokyo and its infinite buzz, to Kyoto’s meditative magic, to the street food Mecca of Osaka, Japan is life-changing. Take a trip on the famous Shinkansen (Bullet Train), and pray you can grab a glimpse of elusive Mt. Fuji. From Sapporo to Okinawa, Japan provides a lifetime worth of magical moments, spiritual surprises, and delicious discovery.


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Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn. If that isn’t reason enough to visit in 2021, what else is? Capital Edinburgh, is home to world-class culture and plenty of historical importance, and the art scene in Glasgow is always surprising. Up in the Highlands, fall in love with stunning natural beauty, from Lochs Ness and Lomond, to ancient castles. Pay homage to the golf gods at St. Andrews and connect with Mother Nature at the Isle of Skye. No matter your itinerary, Scotland is sure to take your breath away.

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