Hyatt and Marriott Now Offer COVID-19 Testing at Select Properties

Now that the U.S. requires a negative COVID-19 test before allowing travelers back into the country, it was inevitable that some hospitality giants might step in to help facilitate testing.

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The first out of the gate have been Hyatt and Marriott, both of which announced earlier this year that they now offer complimentary on-site COVID-19 tests at select properties for any guest scheduled to fly back to the United States.

Hyatt will now provide free COVID testing for up to two guests at all of their 19 resorts in Latin America, including Mexico, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, and South America. Those guests who do test positive are offered a discounted Travel Delay Rate so you don’t have to come out of pocket at enormous cost for the extra days required to stay in the country (at a Hyatt property, of course!)

Marriott will also provide complimentary COVID testing at a number of resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico for up to two guests. Guests must be booked for three or more nights at the property. And if you do test positive, they offer 50% off on extended stay rates.

We expect to see more hotel brands follow suit in an effort to give travelers peace of mind if they are considering international travel right now (along with keeping them as safe and healthy as possible). If you’re traveling abroad and your hotel does not offer complimentary COVID tests, be sure to check with them ahead of time on where you can get a local test.

Would this policy make you more likely to stay at a Hyatt or Marriott? Let us know in the comments below!

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