NFT BAZL hosts the world’s first physical NFT gallery

A new and game-changing exhibition will have the ability to make an impact on the blockchain and art industries. Raoul Milhado from wealth management platform, Elitium, has teamed up with Ori Ohayon and Michael Gord from GDA Capital, a blockchain investment firm, to create the first-ever NFT Art Exhibition.


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NFT BAZL, curated by Estelle Ohayon, will host the world’s first physical NFT gallery, showcasing both physical and digital art using the blockchain to bridge the gap between the physical and digital art worlds. The event, which will take place on June 2nd at The Temple House in South Beach, will feature prominent digital artists such as: Daniel Mazzone, Paul Ruosso, Super Buddha, and more. It’ll also include live auctions on Elitium’s in-app marketplace, that will provide artists with automatic payments for their sold work.

In the NFT market, it is not just the digital art that is being sold, but the deed of ownership to the digital image as well. NFT BAZL, on the other hand, is bridging the gap by using NFTs to transfer the ownership of digital and physical assets. A team of the world’s best-known artists will be bringing physical and digital pieces of art which will be cohesively showcased at the exhibition. Both assets will be sold using an NFT and the ownership will be transferred through a digitized deed of ownership tied to a QR code on the Elitium platform. The goal behind NFT BAZL is to show that not only can the gap be bridged between digital and physical assets, but digital banking can be used to buy physical assets as well.

NFT BAZL is a twist on the typical art show, combining traditionality and modernity into one. By combining these two worlds, artists will have access to both digital asset investors and physical asset collectors. Artists will be able to showcase their canvases, sculptures, and physical pieces of art next to their digital renderings and clips, providing them the opportunity and space to display their different styles of art. Not only is this a massive value-add for artists and clients, but the blockchain will also be able to show the story of ownership for each piece of art. It will have the ability to show where the piece was originally bought, who paid for it, where the piece was held, and if there was any work done to it – displaying the data of individual pieces overtime.

The NFT BAZL Art Exhibition is a great example of artists regaining their power within the art world. In traditional art markets, artists lose control of their work by giving it to the galleries. The galleries then dictate the pricing and who these pieces of art are shown to. With the creation of this new exhibit, it removes the idea of artists needing to report to a gallery in order to sell their work. It allows them to provide their creations to be showcased, exchanged, and sold over a digital currency. With NFTs, the artist is more in control by selling the official ownership of each piece of art and registering it using the blockchain.

Located in the heart of South Beach Miami, The Temple House combines Art Deco with a technologically advanced interior. Prepare for immersion in decentralized art brought to you by some of the most innovative names in the game!

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Dates: 02 June –
Location: The Temple House, 1415 Euclid Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

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