Canada Launches COVID Vaccine Passport for Travel

Canada will launch a COVID-19 vaccine passport for travel abroad, according to announcements made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The standardized digital document will include a QR code for scanning at airports, train stations, and other points of entry throughout the country.

The valid vaccination certificate – known colloquially as a “vaccine passport” – will comply with all major international smart health card standards, government officials confirmed. The document will include the person’s name, date of birth, and COVID-19 vaccination history — including which doses they received and when.

Starting November 30th, the vaccine certificate will be a requirement to board a plane for foreign or domestic travel. For the time being, Canadians are able to travel with a photo or copy of a provincial vaccine certificate. They’re not standardized and not all of them have QR codes.

“As Canadians look to start traveling again, there will be a standardized proof-of-vaccination certificate,” Trudeau said, urging unvaccinated Canadian citizens to do so as soon as possible. “We can end this pandemic and get back to the things we love.”

Canada’s borders recently reopened to fully vaccinated international travelers. Quarantine mandates for returning Canadian travelers that are fully vaccinated have also been waived.

Starting on November 8th, the land border between Canada and the Unites States will reopen for non-essential travel to those that are fully vaccinated.

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