The U.S. will Reopen Land Borders for the Fully Vaccinated

A few weeks ago, the United States announced plans to ease up on pandemic travel restrictions for vaccinated international travelers from 33 countries arriving via air travel. Now, the Biden administration announced it will offer the same policy to travelers at its Canadian and Mexico land borders. The new policy kicks off sometime in November (specific dates are forthcoming). It will require travelers to show proof of vaccination before crossing.

Border agents have some discretion within the policy and can send travelers for secondary screening if they feel it is warranted.

This new policy will now lift restrictions that, in some cases, kept families apart who live along the border. It essentially signals a return to travel and tourism.

Some travelers, like commercial truck drivers and students, who previously moved across the borders without restriction, will now be subjected to the vaccination requirement. The United States will implement this change in January 2022, to allow these groups to adjust to the new requirement.

Unvaccinated children traveling with vaccinated parents will likely be exempted from the vaccine requirement. The White House indicates there may be other exemptions carved out in the official policy. Full details have not yet been released.

Unvaccinated Americans returning from international travel will face the same strict rules as well. Does this policy affect your travel plans or plans to see family and friends who live in Canada or Mexico? We’d love to hear how you feel about the new vaccination policy. Let us know in the comments below!

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