RAKxa, Bangkok’s urban wellness resort for a green escape

The unique blend of therapy and technology for your wellness is a concept that RAKxa has embraced through its many wellness services and retreat packages. With Thailand opening its borders to tourists once again, have a look at their new wellness program.

Thailand is known for its picturesque islands & beaches, nightlife, street food, culture and hospitality. The country’s spa and wellness industry too gets a fair share of attention. Beyond the regular luxury spas, the world of wellness in Thailand needs to be on the radar for all travellers. Based on the latest advances in medical sciences combined with holistic treatments that find their roots deep in Thai culture – there is a growing number of retreats that are ideal for a wellness getaway.

RAKxa in Bangkok

Launched in December 2020, RAKXa is an urban wellness retreat in the green heart of Bangkok focusing on preventative healthcare. The retreat seamlessly brings together the best of modern and traditional healing with treatments that cover all dimensions of the self: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

RAKxa, Bangkok's unique urban wellness resort

RAKxa, Bangkok’s unique urban wellness resort

RAKxa, Bangkok's urban wellness resort

RAKxa, Bangkok’s urban wellness resort

The private villas of RAKXa are set within the lush greens of Bang Krachao, an island across from Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. You’ll have access to all this paradise has to offer with its serene ambience, cutting-edge technology, ancient holistic treatments and immersive nature experiences; it’s just what your wellness vacation needs.

‘Your DNA’ – a new preventative healthcare programme at RAKxa

RAKxa’s new wellness program, the “Your DNA” aims to decode a person’s genetic health risks and begin medical guidance and treatments for the same, ensuring lifelong wellbeing. Therefore, these treatments and services are catered to each individual’s personal wellness and health. The 3 to 14-day program consists of consultation by experts, fitness assessments, well-balanced meals, holistic treatments, restful accommodation and leisure activities.

The consultations by medical experts and DNA screenings are combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine, traditional Thai medicine, Ayurveda and energy healing. This dual approach to wellness, both as a science and as a spiritual experience is what makes RAKxa unique, and its treatments a holistic approach to the wellbeing of our bodies and minds.

Therapies at RAKxa, Bangkok's unique urban wellness resort

Therapies at RAKxa, Bangkok’s unique urban wellness resort

RAKxa, Bangkok's unique urban wellness resort

RAKxa, Bangkok’s unique urban wellness resort

Three well-balanced and nutritious meals per day is part of your overall treatment as well. A sugar and dairy-free diet with organic ingredients and herbal teas does not equate to a diet restricted in taste. Chef Kien Wagner presents a much-craved combination of taste and health with every meal. An emphasis on sustainability and seasonal ingredients makes your experience ecologically responsible as well.

Tea breaks, two medical treatments at VitalLife, and complimentary services such as a minibar in Villa, daily fitness and leisure activities, water therapy suite including a vitality pool, steam room, herbal steam as well as chill shower and cold plunge pool are all-inclusive of your wellness package.

RAKxa, Bangkok's unique urban wellness resort

RAKxa, Bangkok’s unique urban wellness resort

The RAKxa has been certified SHA Plus by the Thai authorities under the government’s various quarantine-free travel plans for international leisure travellers.

Location: 28/8 Moo 9, Bangnamphung Sub-District, Phra Pradaeng District, Samutprakarn Province, 10130, Thailand

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