Hollywood’s Celebrities Featured In Hotel Bel-Air’s Exhibition

Hotel Bel-Air, the epitome of luxury and style, is hosting a photo exhibition featuring the work of world-renowned celebrity photographer Timothy White. The exhibition is complimentary and open to the public from June 1st to July 31st, seven days a week.

Guests will have the opportunity to view photographs of some of Hollywood’s most iconic celebrities, including Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Liza Minelli and Robin Williams, with all photographs available for purchase. This is a rare opportunity to see the work of one of the world’s most sought-after photographers up close and personal.

Who is Timothy White?

So often, we are told that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what happens when the photographer behind the lens is world-renowned Timothy White? We are graced with pure magic. His three decades of experience in the industry shines through in every shot- from the playful yet candid moments of legendary actors to the fresh-faced innocence of upcoming stars.

There is a sense of intimacy and easiness in each frame that can only be attributed to his skill as not just a technician but as an artist. Add to that his unfettered access to some of the most influential people of our time, and you have a recipe for greatness. The result is a visually arresting collection of images that manages to capture a moment in history and the very essence of human nature.

Timothy White’s behind the scene interaction with celebrities

When White was a “young pup” in the business, he was sent to photograph Sidney Poitier. He was in awe of Poitier’s talent and dignity and was stunned when the actor asked him to help choose a wardrobe for a poolside shoot. The two would work together many times over the years. White’s admiration for Poitier’s professionalism and talent was evident each time they worked together, and their mutual respect led to a lasting friendship. White has said that photographing Poitier was always a pleasure and that he feels lucky to have had the opportunity to capture the actor’s unique presence on film. Thanks to their collaboration, White has some of his most iconic images, and Poitier has some of his most memorable performances.

The photographs on display represent a cross-section of White’s vast archive and demonstrate the deep trust and relationships he has built with his subjects over the years, including with Sophia Loren, who graciously allowed him to direct her in a phenomenal shoot that featured her running on the beach, laying on a rock, and even jumping in the water and ruining her gown.

Also featured is a photograph captured of Brad Pitt, who went on a motorcycle trip with White. The selection also includes a portrait of Whitney Houston taken during the many times she worked with him throughout her life, a powerfully emotive image of James Gandolfini, and a photo of Jay-Z captured in the days before he grew into the mogul and legend he was to become.

“It is an absolute honour to host this exhibition at Hotel Bel-Air,” said White. “I’m all about the history, and I have always been very aware of the hotels in this town – The Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air – and their powerful representation of the history of Hollywood. This exhibition felt like such a natural synergy between my life, my career, my legacy, and the hotel’s life and legacy.”

Behind the ivy-covered walls of the Hotel Bel-Air, part of the Dorchester Collection, lies a Hollywood haven where celebrities can escape the hustle and bustle of Tinseltown. Since opening its doors in 1946, the hotel has maintained a reputation for Old Hollywood glamour, understated luxury, and privacy that has attracted stars and royalty alike.

Over the years, the Bel-Air has been home to some of Hollywood’s most beloved icons, including Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe. Today, the hotel’s celebrity connection endures, as it remains a favourite refuge for A-listers looking to escape the paparazzi and enjoy a little privacy. Thanks to its storied past and impeccable service, the Hotel Bel-Air continues to be one of Hollywood’s most cherished landmarks. ◼

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