Best Restaurants In Zurich: A Curated Guide

Gastronomic Gems: An Exploration of Zurich’s Top-Rated Dining Experiences. In the effervescent heart of Europe, where the crisp Alpine air mingles with the cosmopolitan bustle, Zurich emerges as a gastronomic paradise. Its labyrinthine streets, lined with a tapestry of old-world charm and modern elegance, hold hidden epicurean treasures that transport you on a culinary journey of discovery.

From chic, avant-garde dining rooms to rustic, homely inns, this city’s culinary landscape is as diverse as the Swiss topography itself. Studded with Michelin stars and Gault Millau points, Zurich’s restaurants echo the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation that defines this city’s spirit.

In this meticulously curated guide, we invite you to join us on a gastronomic journey through the crevices of culinary excellence in Zurich. From the bustling heart of Bahnhofstrasse to the serene banks of Lake Zurich, we shall navigate through an array of eateries that not only tantalize your palate but also narrate compelling stories of their chefs, ingredients, and inspirations.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the finest dining experiences Zurich has to offer, where each restaurant is a world unto itself, each bite a symphony of flavours waiting to be discovered. Welcome to our exploration of Zurich’s best restaurants, a tribute to the city’s dynamic, vibrant, and ever-evolving culinary scene.

Immersed in the Heart of Zurich: A Gastronomic Journey at Widder Restaurant

Tucked away in Zurich’s upscale hideaway, the Widder Hotel, lies a haven for culinary enthusiasts – the Widder Restaurant. This contemporary gem, nestled at Rennweg 7, seamlessly melds modern French flair with a dash of international influence. The creative fusion results in an unforgettable gourmet adventure, catapulting the restaurant to lofty accolades, including 18 GaultMillau points and two prestigious Michelin stars.

Upon entering this chic fine-dining establishment, guests are instantly captivated by the open kitchen where Head Chef Stefan Heilemann and his dedicated team deftly craft an exquisite dining experience. Heilemann’s unique approach to cooking treads the delicate line between classic and modern, earning his culinary creations descriptions like “Brutally Seductive” and “Dishes of the Gods.”

Commitment to locally-sourced, homegrown ingredients underscores Widder’s dedication to quality and sustainability. The carefully curated four to six-course set menu, complete with a vegetarian alternative, showcases Heilemann’s gastronomic prowess. In addition, the “Supplements” menu presents a treasure trove of his most revered classics for those seeking a taste of the chef’s all-time favourites.

The Widder Restaurant’s relaxed service approach is refreshing. This exceptional dining experience invites patrons to savour a symphony of flavours, encapsulating the best of Zurich in every bite. I wholeheartedly recommend this unforgettable gastronomic journey if you seek a memorable culinary escapade.

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A Symphony of Flavors at Rico’s: Zurich’s Culinary Gem

Nestled along Seestrasse 160 in the enchanting town of Küsnacht, Rico’s delights discerning palates with its masterful blend of modern and Mediterranean cuisine. Helmed by the talented Rico Zandonella, this exceptional restaurant has earned itself two Michelin stars and an impressive 18 Gault Millau points, solidifying its place among Zurich’s top dining destinations.

As you step into Rico’s, you’re immediately charmed by its vibrant and cosy atmosphere. The space is a delightful fusion of artistic expression and eclectic design, with unique decorative details that effortlessly capture the imagination. The service, too, strikes a perfect balance between laid-back warmth and impeccable professionalism, making every guest feel truly welcome.

Dining at Rico’s is akin to embarking on a sensory adventure, as each dish is presented with artful flair and a riot of colours. The harmonious blend of flavours always impresses, ensuring a memorable experience with every visit. Zandonella’s culinary creations artfully combine classic techniques with Mediterranean influences, making Rico’s a true gem of Switzerland’s gastronomic scene.

The restaurant offers a carefully curated wine list featuring exceptional vintages from Switzerland and France to complement the exquisite fare. In addition, Rico’s expertly pairs each dish with the perfect wine, elevating the dining experience to new heights. For those seeking a memorable culinary escapade in Zurich, Rico’s is an unmissable destination.

IGNIV Zürich: A Culinary Symphony of Shared Experiences

Located at Marktgasse 17, in the heart of Zurich’s historic district along the banks of the Limmat River, IGNIV Zürich by Andreas Caminada is a triumph of contemporary dining. Housed within the elegant Marktgasse Hotel, this extraordinary restaurant has garnered 17 Gault Millau points and two Michelin stars, a testament to its exceptional cuisine and the remarkable talents of young Chef Daniel Zeindlhofer.

The brainchild of renowned chef Andreas Caminada, IGNIV Zürich captivates with its tasteful design, seamlessly blending modern elements with the charm of the surrounding old town. The restaurant’s philosophy revolves around shared experiences, with a set menu featuring beautifully presented courses designed for communal enjoyment. For guests seeking an extra touch of indulgence, the menu also offers a selection of à la carte supplementary dishes.

IGNIV Zürich’s culinary offerings are sophisticated and accessible, crafted to bring joy to the palate with every bite. A carefully chosen selection of wines from the Zurich region perfectly complements the dishes, enhancing the dining experience. For those with a penchant for bubbly, the restaurant boasts an impressive collection of over 140 champagnes from over 50 esteemed champagne houses and winemakers.

In essence, IGNIV Zürich by Andreas Caminada is a celebration of togetherness and gastronomic delights, an unmissable stop on any culinary tour of Zurich’s finest establishments.

The Restaurant at The Dolder Grand: Elevated Elegance and Innovative Cuisine

Perched above the city of Zurich, The Restaurant resides within the iconic Dolder Grand, a luxury hotel with a rich history dating back to its origins as a health resort in 1899. Boasting 19 Gault Millau points and two Michelin stars, this exceptional dining destination offers breathtaking views of Zurich, with the city’s skyline serving as the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The Restaurant’s atmosphere is complemented by its impressive glass-encased wine cabinet, showcasing an exquisite collection of vintages. Chef Heiko Nieder presents a modern and creative culinary journey at the kitchen’s helm, characterised by intricate details and an astonishing array of flavours. His youthful and innovative approach to gourmet cuisine creates exquisite dishes stimulating the senses.

Vegetarian diners are also in for a treat, as The Restaurant’s offerings in this realm are equally remarkable. Guests can indulge in the five-course “amuse-bouche menu” at lunch, a sumptuous tasting experience that provides an excellent sampling of Chef Nieder’s culinary prowess.

In essence, The Restaurant at The Dolder Grand epitomises the perfect marriage of sophistication, creativity, and unparalleled views, making it an unmissable gem in Zurich’s gastronomic landscape.

Pavillon: A Culinary Sanctuary of French Haute Cuisine in Zurich

Nestled within the esteemed 5-star Baur au Lac Hotel, a luxurious establishment dating back to 1844, Pavillon offers a sublime dining experience that combines classic French haute cuisine with contemporary flair. Architect Pierre-Yves Rochon’s design graces this exquisite venue, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and a luminous rotunda, which set the stage for an unforgettable culinary journey at the shores of Lake Zurich.

With two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points to its name, Pavillon has reached the pinnacle of elegance and quality. At the helm of the kitchen, Chef Maximilian Müller masterfully crafts modern-inspired dishes firmly rooted in the French tradition. In addition, his seasonal, artful interpretations of haute cuisine classics captivate the taste buds and the eyes, elevating the dining experience to new heights.

Guests are treated to a small à la carte selection and a set menu with a vegetarian option, available in both 7-course and 9-course iterations. The restaurant’s dedication to freshness, regionality, and seasonality is unparalleled. To further enhance the culinary adventure, Pavillon offers exquisite wines from their vineyard, handpicked by their knowledgeable sommelier.

In sum, Pavillon stands as a sanctuary for lovers of French haute cuisine, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity within the luxurious confines of the historic Baur au Lac Hotel in Zurich.

Sushi Shin: A Culinary Oasis of Authentic Japanese Fine Dining in Zurich

Tucked away in charming side street steps from the Limmat River and the bustling Münsterhof square, Sushi Shin is a hidden gem in the heart of Zurich. This intimate and elegant sushi restaurant awarded one Michelin star, invites guests to an authentic yet inventive culinary experience that blends Japanese tradition with contemporary finesse.

As patrons enter the sophisticated, informal setting, they are greeted with a feast for the senses. The daily-changing menu is crafted based on the most exceptional seafood offerings that meet the highest standards. Each exquisite morsel in the 16-course omakase menu reflects the season and what the markets offer, showcasing the expertise of renowned Kaiseki chef Kenichi Arimura.

In the evenings, the restaurant presents a unique tasting menu, weaving the flavours of Edomae sushi throughout its offerings. With two set sittings, Sushi Shin ensures an unrivalled dining experience. During lunch, guests can indulge in an additional 11-course sushi and sashimi menu, a testament to the restaurant’s dedication to catering to diverse palates.

To complement the sumptuous culinary delights, Sushi Shin boasts an exclusive selection of wines and sakes curated to perfection. With its harmonious blend of authenticity and creativity, Sushi Shin promises a memorable Japanese fine dining experience right in the heart of Zurich.

Ornellaia: A Taste of Italian Grandezza in Zurich’s Heart

Nestled within the bustling Bahnhofstrasse, Ornellaia brings a dash of Italian luxury to the heart of Zurich. This Michelin-starred establishment dazzles its guests with modern-inspired Italian dishes masterfully crafted by the talented Chef Giuseppe D’Errico. The open kitchen allows patrons to admire the culinary maestro at work as he skillfully reimagines classics like vitello tonnato and raviolone di ricotta, along with innovative creations such as Carne Cruda, Rossini filet, Ricciola sashimi, and Carbonara ravioli.

The high-ceilinged dining room exudes a modern, elegant Tuscan ambience adorned with historical-looking sandstone walls and decorative art. As diners savour the sumptuous flavours, the intimate atmosphere transports them to the heart of Italy. During warmer months, guests can enjoy the cosy little summer terrace, a charming retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.

A quintessential aspect of Italian grandezza is fine wine, and Ornellaia’s wine list does not disappoint. Curated with care, the collection features rarities and older vintages from the renowned Tuscan winery Ornellaia and the acclaimed Bolgheri region.

Ornellaia, a sublime fusion of Italian luxury and innovative culinary artistry, offers a captivating dining experience that evokes the enchanting essence of Italy right in the centre of Zurich.

La Rôtisserie: A Fusion of Classic French and Modern Sensibilities in Zurich’s Old Town

Embark on an exquisite culinary journey at La Rôtisserie, where classic French cuisine melds with contemporary techniques, Asian influences, and characterful sauces. Boasting 17 Gault Millau points and a Michelin star, this sophisticated dining destination invites guests to savour its inspired culinary offerings.

Nestled within the historic Hotel Storchen, La Rôtisserie’s prime old-town location offers breathtaking views of the Limmat River. The elegantly appointed dining room features high ceilings, large arched windows, and refined furnishings, creating an ambience that is both traditional and contemporary. The fantastic terrace, an idyllic outdoor haven, provides the perfect setting for al fresco dining.

Under the expert guidance of Chef Stefan Jäckel, La Rôtisserie’s skilled culinary team presents an array of mouthwatering specialities, such as Bouillabaisse, Short Rib of Australian Wagyu beef, and an exquisite recommendation menu. In addition, the chefs showcase a modern, international approach to timeless cuisine by offering refined, seasonal creations and innovatively reimagined classics.

A highlight of La Rôtisserie’s dining experience is the popular Chef’s Table, which features a captivating 7-course menu accompanied by a handpicked selection of wines. This unforgettable gastronomic adventure makes La Rôtisserie a must-visit destination for discerning diners seeking an enchanting fusion of tradition and innovation in Zurich’s old town.

Neue Taverne: A Modern Take on Vegetarian Cuisine in the Heart of Zurich

Step into Neue Taverne, a Michelin-starred dining experience, where celebrated Head Chef Nenad Mlinarevic reimagines vegetarian and vegan cuisine within the setting of a modern inn. The restaurant’s open kitchen allows diners to witness the creative process behind each delectable dish, while its sharing concept fosters an intimate and convivial atmosphere.

Neue Taverne’s menu focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients and offers a stunning array of 12 imaginative vegetarian creations, with some vegan options available. Each evening, diners can indulge in the element of surprise with a specially curated menu, as the chef’s innovative culinary expertise is showcased in every dish.

Complementing the dining experience, Neue Taverne boasts an exquisite selection of organic wines, handcrafted lemonades, and flavorful kombuchas, elevating the meal with unique, refreshing pairings. In addition, the restaurant’s modern inn-inspired ambience and expertly crafted plant-based offerings provide a truly memorable gastronomic adventure.

Located at Glockengasse 8, in the bustling heart of Zurich, Neue Taverne stands as a testament to the creativity and excellence of modern vegetarian cuisine, challenging preconceptions and delighting the senses with its fresh, inspired take on plant-based dining.

Eden Kitchen & Bar: A Symphony of Global Flavors in Zurich’s La Réserve Eden au Lac

Nestled within the sophisticated La Réserve Eden au Lac hotel, the upscale Eden Kitchen & Bar beckons with its exquisite fusion of classic Italian, French, and international cuisines. Awarded one Michelin star and 16 Gault-Millau points, this elegant brasserie delights the eyes and the palate.

Guests will be charmed by the relaxed atmosphere and chic design, featuring a mesmerising multicoloured stained-glass window created by renowned artist Ara Starck. Positioned on the hotel’s ground floor, the restaurant boasts an enviable lakeside view, further enhancing the dining experience.

Under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Marco Ortolani, the talented culinary team from Italy orchestrates an unforgettable gastronomic journey. The open kitchen offers diners a front-row seat to the chefs’ mastery as they skillfully blend culinary traditions from around the globe. Tempting dishes range from the creamy Burrata with forgotten vegetables and basil to the rich macaroni with truffle, ham, and Gruyère cheese. Adventurous palates will appreciate the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes stew with a twist featuring sweetbreads.

To complement each flavorful dish, Eden Kitchen & Bar presents an exclusive wine selection, primarily sourced from the esteemed Michel Reybier estates, as well as an array of masterfully crafted cocktails. Located at Utoquai 45, in Zurich’s prestigious 8000 district, this beautiful brasserie offers a world of culinary delights in a luxurious and refined setting.

KLE: Zurich’s Vegan Oasis with a Touch of Moroccan and Mexican Flair

Tucked away on Zweierstrasse 114 in the 8003 district of Zurich, KLE is a haven for innovative vegan cuisine. This intimate neighbourhood restaurant has earned one Michelin star and 15 Gault Millau points, reflecting the talent and vision of its esteemed chef, Zineb Hattab.

Step into Chef Hattab’s enchanting pub, where you will be treated to a remarkable culinary adventure that defies expectations. Showcasing her unique take on modern-creative vegan cuisine, Hattab masterfully intertwines exotic Moroccan and Mexican influences to create a truly unforgettable plant-based menu.

Guests can look forward to an evening of discovery, with a choice of three to five courses on the surprise menu, expertly prepared with the utmost attention to regional and sustainable ingredients. KLE’s commitment to sustainability extends to its carefully curated wine list, which features biodynamic selections sourced from local organic farmers.

As you revel in the flavours and aromas of KLE’s vibrant dishes, you’ll find yourself captivated by the delightful ambience of this unassuming yet impressive dining destination. Venture off the beaten path and let KLE transport you on a gastronomic journey that celebrates the power and artistry of plant-based cuisine, all within the heart of Zurich.

Maison Manesse: Zurich’s Creative Culinary Gem in a Rising Neighborhood

Nestled in Zurich’s increasingly trendy Hopfenstrasse 2, 8045 district, Maison Manesse is a beacon of creativity, garnering one Michelin star for its innovative and ever-changing seasonal dishes. Despite its unassuming location and modest decor, this down-to-earth restaurant entices diners with an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The moment you step into Maison Manesse, you’ll be embraced by the relaxed atmosphere, where the attentive service puts you at ease. Menus at this creative culinary hub frequently change to reflect the freshest seasonal ingredients, ensuring each visit offers a new adventure for your palate.

Maison Manesse’s “Menu Surprise” stands out with its vegetarian, vegan, and omnivorous options, catering to diverse tastes. Additionally, a thoughtfully curated selection of à la carte dishes showcases the chef’s original ideas, balancing creativity and culinary sensibility. Delight in imaginative dishes such as sliced duck with pumpkin, beef tartare with jalapeño oil, and morels adorned with wildflowers.

The restaurant’s commitment to sustainability shines through its partnerships with regional producers, the use of organic vegetables, recycling practices, and filtered water. Maison Manesse also supports small, natural wineries, offering a remarkable collection of fine wines alongside intriguing alcohol-free alternatives.

Discover the charm and culinary prowess of Maison Manesse, a hidden gem in Zurich’s burgeoning food scene that promises a memorable and inspiring dining experience.

Wirtschaft im FRANZ: Zurich’s Hidden Courtyard Sanctuary of Modern and Seasonal Cuisine

Tucked away in an inner courtyard at Bremgartnerstrasse 18, 8003, Zurich, Wirtschaft im FRANZ stands as a harmonious blend of culture, work, and exceptional cuisine. Awarded one Michelin star, this hidden gem offers a modern and seasonal dining experience that strongly emphasises organic, sustainable, and regional ingredients.

Upon entering, guests are welcomed into an urban oasis, where the friendly atmosphere and trendy bistro-style setting provide a refreshing break from the city’s bustling streets. Wirtschaft im FRANZ’s open kitchen gives diners a glimpse into the culinary mastery of creating each ambitious yet elegantly simple dish.

With a keen focus on product quality, the restaurant’s well-thought-out surprise menu showcases the season’s bounty, often allowing vegetables to take centre stage. In the evening, savour a 4 to 6-course menu featuring innovative combinations like celeriac with mozzarella, watercress, and walnut or Angus beef with garlic and nut butter. Delightful desserts such as Valais cream cheese with dandelion, honey, and onion or rhubarb with sheep’s milk and Piedmont hazelnut cap off the meal.

Wirtschaft im FRANZ is more than just a culinary destination; it is an enchanting escape where down-to-earth, honest quality meets a refined dining experience. Embark on a sensory journey in this charming and intimate sanctuary, and discover the undeniable allure of Wirtschaft im FRANZ.

EquiTable: Zurich’s Hidden Gem of Sustainable, Modern Cuisine

Nestled at Stauffacherstrasse 163, 8004, Zurich, EquiTable is an unassuming corner restaurant that has managed to capture the hearts of food enthusiasts with its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Awarded one Michelin star and 17 Gault Millau points, this insider’s secret is a haven for those seeking imaginative, expressive, and flavorful dishes prepared with care and finesse.

Chef Julian Marti masterfully crafts innovative combinations using Fairtrade, organic, and locally sourced produce whenever possible. By focusing on equitable practices, EquiTable offers an exceptional dining experience that embodies sustainability as a lifestyle.

Guests can choose from a set menu of four to seven courses, also available in a vegetarian version. Each dish showcases the perfect harmony between pure simplicity and bold, punchy flavours. To complement the dining experience, diners can opt for fine wines or high-quality, alcohol-free juice pairings.

EquiTable’s ethos extends beyond its culinary creations, cementing its status as a truly forward-thinking dining destination in Zurich. Delve into an unforgettable journey of taste and sustainability at this hidden gem, and discover why EquiTable is fast becoming a must-visit spot for conscious food lovers.

Tobias Buholzer: A Rustic Haven of Vegetarian Fine Dining Near Lake Zurich

Situated at Dorfstrasse 42, Rüschlikon, 8803, Switzerland, Tobias Buholzer Restaurant has garnered a reputation for its captivating blend of rustic charm and sophisticated dining. Housed in a 400-year-old timber-framed structure near the picturesque Lake Zurich, this one Michelin star and 16 Gault Millau points establishment promises a memorable gastronomic experience within its cosy ambience.

As you step inside, the warmth of the wood, the tasteful interior, and the gentle glow from the tiled stove create an inviting atmosphere that complements the exquisite culinary offerings. Helmed by owner Tobias Buholzer, the restaurant boasts an expertly crafted set menu of vegetarian canapés, showcasing delightful dishes such as Flaacher asparagus with potato gnocchini and smoked tea, and morels served with cabbage cannelloni, grilled root spinach, and mustard caviar.

For those craving something beyond the vegetarian fare, the option to order sustainably sourced fish and meat dishes is available. To elevate your dining experience, the restaurant offers a “Sipping” menu that expertly pairs fine wines with each course, alongside a range of non-alcoholic options.

The cosy garden terrace on the ground floor, Taverna Rosa, completes the enchanting setting. Immerse yourself in the rustic elegance of Tobias Buholzer Restaurant and discover why this delightful venue has become a must-visit destination for food connoisseurs in Zurich.

Aqua: A Lakeside Gem with Creative Cuisine and Stunning Views

Nestled within the luxurious Alex Lake Zürich hotel at Seestrasse 182, Thalwil, 8136, Switzerland, Aqua is a one Michelin star and 15 GaultMillau points restaurant renowned for its classic French cuisine, modern twists, and international flair. An intimate dining experience with breathtaking views of Lake Zurich, Aqua’s 14-seat restaurant is a sanctuary for discerning gourmands.

Under the expert guidance of Chef Michael Schuler, Aqua showcases innovative culinary techniques and artistry through its modern four to seven-course menu. Savour unique dishes like veal tartar with lime and coriander, smoked langostino with pea and green curry, or Wagyu beef cheek accompanied by potato, kale, and morels. Aqua’s dessert offerings, such as the Jerusalem artichoke with mandarin, clove, and pistachio, or the grapefruit with rooibos tea, blood orange, and Timut pepper, round out the dining experience, leaving your taste buds delighted and craving more.

To elevate your meal, Aqua’s wine list features an exquisite selection of labels from The Living Circle—a curated collection of exceptional hotels and restaurants set in unrivalled locations. So as you enjoy a glass of wine and immerse yourself in the sumptuous cuisine, the beauty of Lake Zurich serves as the perfect backdrop for a truly unforgettable dining experience. So let Aqua enchant your senses, and discover why this hidden gem is among Zurich’s finest culinary destinations.

Sihlhalde: A Rural Culinary Haven Celebrating Classic, Seasonal Flavors

Tucked away in the idyllic hamlet of Gattikon, at Sihlhaldenstrasse 70, 8136, Switzerland, Sihlhalde is a one Michelin star restaurant boasting a picturesque, rural setting. As you approach the restaurant, you’ll pass verdant pastures dotted with grazing cows and discover the cosy atmosphere of this charming historical farmhouse.

Led by the talented Gregor Smolinsky, Sihlhalde emphasises the exceptional quality of the ingredients, focusing on classic cuisine with robust flavours that celebrate the seasons. Dishes like brasato ravioli with Perigord truffle sauce, crispy calamari sautéed with thyme and garlic, and Emmental veal chop in a breadcrumb coating are masterfully crafted to delight the palate. From appetisers to main courses, the menu sings with artistry and tradition.

Sihlhalde’s dessert offerings are equally enticing. Indulge in Valrhona chocolate mousse with Gruyère cream, quark cake with berries, or soufflé with sorbet for a sweet finale to your meal. The gourmet menu, a carefully curated selection of the restaurant’s best dishes, is also an excellent choice for those seeking a memorable dining experience.

Amidst the pastoral beauty of the Swiss countryside, Sihlhalde effortlessly captures the essence of its surroundings, offering patrons an unforgettable culinary journey that pays homage to classic, seasonal flavours.

Sternen – Badstube: A Culinary Gem Combining Tradition and Innovation in Wangen

Nestled within the quaint town of Wangen at Sennhüttestrasse 1, 8602, Switzerland, Sternen – Badstube is a testament to the harmonious marriage of classic cuisine and time-honoured tradition. This charming inn boasts a cosy, rustic ambience with a stunning 16th-century barrel vault. With 15 Gault Millau points and a Michelin star to its name, Sternen – Badstube seamlessly blends history with modern culinary techniques.

Under the skilful guidance of Chef Matthias Brunner, this exquisite restaurant offers diners a choice between an innovative seasonal tasting menu, available in both omnivore and vegetarian options, and a selection of classic dishes. Each creation is crafted with the finest ingredients, paying homage to the region’s rich culinary traditions while incorporating contemporary flair.

As you savour your meal, you’ll be treated to expert wine recommendations that perfectly complement the flavours of each dish. This thoughtful pairing brings the entire dining experience to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on your senses.

Sternen – Badstube serves as a true culinary oasis amidst the tranquillity of Wangen, inviting diners to experience an enchanting fusion of historical charm and innovative cuisine. Allow yourself to be captivated by this hidden gem’s remarkable flavours and atmosphere, where tradition and innovation coexist in perfect harmony.

Fahr: A Chic Barn Oasis Where Regional and Contemporary Cuisine Shine

Located at Grossacherweg 1, Künten-Sulz, 5444, Switzerland, Fahr invites diners on a culinary journey that expertly blends regional cuisine with contemporary, classic, and modern influences. This Michelin-starred restaurant, which also holds an impressive 17 Gault Millau points, has transformed a traditional barn-like structure into a chic haven of fine dining, with Swiss hardwood enveloping its exterior and a sleek, stylish interior.

A stone’s throw away from the serene Reuss River, Fahr offers a delightful alfresco dining experience on its outdoor terrace, where guests can appreciate the picturesque surroundings as they indulge in the culinary masterpieces crafted by Chef Manuel Steigmeier. His unpretentious dishes showcase the essence of regional Swiss cuisine while incorporating contemporary flair.

Each plate tells a story of impeccable sourcing, as most ingredients are proudly procured from Switzerland, emphasising the restaurant’s dedication to supporting local farmers and suppliers. Intense sauces and delicate desserts add a luxurious touch to the dining experience, rounding off your meal with gastronomic finesse.

To elevate your experience further, Fahr presents a curated wine list, skillfully pairing each dish with the perfect libation. Finally, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Fahr, where the beauty of regional cuisine harmoniously melds with contemporary influences in a breathtaking, sophisticated setting. ◼

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