How to get to Shrek’s Adventure! London

Enjoy a magical day out with a trip to Shrek’s Adventure! London. Board a flying bus, step into Shrek’s Swamp and meet the great green star himself in this exciting experience. Everyone’s favorite cuddly ogre is waiting to meet you! But how to get to Shrek’s Adventure!, London?

You’ll find Shrek’s Adventure! London is located central to the city – next to the river Thames and a short walk from the Houses of Parliament. It’s among several great attractions on London’s South Bank, with the London Eye and The London Dungeon both close by.

Would you like to join Shrek and his pals on an immersive tour? Here are your best options if you’re researching how to get to Shrek’s Adventure! London.

1. Take the tube to get to Shrek’s Adventure! London🚇

Kids enjoying Shrek's Adventure, cooking magic elixir in the pot.
Picture from Shrek’s Adventure attraction.

With over 270 stations, London’s underground railway is one of the largest in the world, as well as the oldest. It’s often the easiest way to travel around the UK’s capital.

So how to get to Shrek’s Adventure! London by tube? The nearest tube station is Waterloo. Northern, Bakerloo, Jubilee, and Waterloo and City lines all stop here. The Northern Line is especially handy, with direct links to Leicester Square in the West End, and Charing Cross for Trafalgar Square.

Young children will especially enjoy the tube as it whizzes under the city. Central stations usually have escalators with lots of colorful posters, and ticket barriers are an endless source of fun. If you’re traveling with a pushchair or buggy, look out for the wheelchair symbol, which indicates that a station is step-free.

You can enjoy a great family day out by combining a visit to Shrek’s Adventure with a ride on the London Eye. The Eye soars gently but high above the city, and a recorded commentary highlights all the top sites. It’s the perfect introduction to London’s sights.

2. Take the train to get to Shrek’s Adventure! London🚆

Waterloo is one of London’s main stations, so it has railway links as well as tube lines. There are connections by railway from all across south-west London to Waterloo, as well as trains from cities and towns further afield including Woking, Reading, and Portsmouth.

Waterloo East is a separate station from Waterloo but pedestrian passageways link the two. Trains to Waterloo East arrive from Charing Cross (an alternative to the tube) and southeast London and Kent. There are frequent trains from Eurostar’s terminal at Ashford International too.

It’s a 10-minute walk from Waterloo Station to Shrek’s Adventure! London.

3. Take the bus to get to Shrek’s Adventure! London🚍

Entrance of Shrek's Adventure, from the street view.
Shrek’s Adventure London

There are plenty of bus routes in London, and Waterloo is very well-connected. While London buses may seem confusing at first, they’re well worth a try for a unique journey.

The nearest bus stop to Shrek’s London home is next to St Thomas’ Hospital/County Hall, across the road from the attraction.

Several bus routes serve St. Thomas’ Hospital/County Hall stop. The 148 bus has useful links to St James’ Park tube (for Buckingham Palace), Hyde Park Corner, and Marble Arch. The 159 links to Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and Oxford Circus – and even has a stop at the famous toy shop Hamley’s.

Nothing beats the view of the Thames from an iconic London red bus, and the driver will let you know your stop if you tell them as you board. Bus routes 12 and 452 provide a sightseeing tour of top London spots. Board at Oxford Circus and you’ll see Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, and the Houses of Parliament.

4. How to get to Shrek’s Adventure! London by taxi🚕

Enjoy an iconic London experience and a comfortable, direct journey by taking a taxi to Shrek’s home by the Thames. Black cabs are a staple on London’s streets and offer a comfortable, direct journey to your destination, even if it’s not always the quickest option.

You can hail a black cab on the street in the UK’s capital. Just stand on the pavement facing the direction of traffic, look towards the incoming vehicles, and raise your right hand high. Or if you’re near a station, go to the taxi rank there; it’s an easy way to catch a cab although you will have to queue.

If a black cab is your choice of how to get to Shrek’s Adventure! London, remember that all London’s black cabs are metered and fares are set. There’s no need to negotiate.

From Trafalgar Square, expect a 5-10 minute journey at a price of around £10 in weekday working hours. From the Tower of London allow 15-20 minutes and £17-25, and similar from Oxford Street.

5. How to get to Shrek’s Adventure! London by bike🚴🏼‍♀️

Cycling around London has become much easier in recent years, and there’s an increasing number of cycle lanes. But London traffic can be heavy and impatient, so it’s best that only experienced cyclists travel by bike in the center.

Public Santander bikes are available at all the big tourist spots. You don’t have to book, but you must create an online account first.

Try out your biking skills in Green Park or St James’s Park before you head to see Shrek. You’ll get some great views as you cycle across London’s bridges, but stick to smaller roads where you can for a more relaxing journey.

A 30-minute bike ride costs £1.65 and goes up to £3.30 for an hour.

6. How to get to Shrek’s Adventure! London on foot🚶🏻‍♂️

Kids wearing 3D glasses enjoying cinema in Shrek's Adventure.
Kids enjoying an attraction in Shrek’s Adventure.

Walking from Waterloo to Shrek’s Adventure! London will take about 10 minutes. Take exit six for the South Bank, and follow the signs for the London Eye.

It’s an easy walk from The Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) too. Just cross Westminster Bridge which is right next to The Palace of Westminster, and turn left when you reach the other side of the Thames.

Planned your visit? Here’s all you need to know about Shrek’s Adventure! London.

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