Catch Andrea Bocelli in Athens’ Olympic Stadium

The world’s most beloved tenor, Andrea Bocelli, the legendary artist who gave opera a new dimension will perform for the FIRST TIME EVER at the Olympic Stadium of Athens on the 18th of July 2023 giving the unique chance to a wider audience to be mesmerized by his breathtaking voice, ethos and charismatic performance.

The singer with the enthralling voice, who’s broken every record in the music industry with his sold out performances worldwide, the most famous tenor of his era and one of the most prominent artists of all time will return to Athens on n July 18th 2023 to give his largest show to date in Greece.

A one-off unique and magical experience for ALL music lovers to be part of.

Andrea Bocelli is widely acknowledged as a global icon of the rich Italian vocal tradition and has greatly contributed to the success of classical music, with his albums “Romanza”, “Sacred Arias”, “Sì” and “Believe” reaching the top positions of world charts while his album sales exceed 90 million records.

Andrea Bocelli believes that “talent is a God’s gift, a gift from heaven. It’s up to us to cultivate it and share it with the world. To not do so would be a sign of ingratitude.” Andrea Bocelli wholeheartedly protected his divine gift so that he can share it with us. The greek audience will honor this magnificent artist at the Olympic Stadium of Athens on Tuesday 18 July 2023, by witnessing a unique performance purely dedicated to them.

Celine Dion said that “If God could sing, he would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli.”
Perhaps the world would look a lot more like heaven if there were more people like Andrea Bocelli living in it.

Live in Concert
18 July 2023
Olympic Stadium of Athens
Show Starts: 21.30

Location Map