The Best Places to See Foliage This Fall

As summer fades into fall, we’re officially ready for the fabulous foliage that comes with it! Traveling around the United States to chase the beautiful leaves is a hobby popular with many, so we’ve gathered some relevant updates thanks to AccuWeather that will make it easy to follow the foliage this season.

When to Spot Peak Foliage Across the U.S.

While people have come to know and love the New England region for its iconic and stunning displays of fall foliage, AccuWeather’s senior meteorologist Paul Pastelok said that this year, the super fans may want to head west.

“The best places to check out the fall foliage this season is probably going to be across the Northeast, the Great Lakes in the upper Midwest, and then even [out] West,” he said. “The aspens should come out looking really good in late September to mid-October.”

AccuWeather’s fall foliage map also highlights Northern California, southern Idaho, much of Utah, and large parts of Colorado as key destinations in the western United States. However, due to summer heat waves and windy conditions expected in the early fall, Pastelok predicts a less-than-impressive foliage season in much of the southern U.S., including northern Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and surrounding states. What’s more, an early frost in October might cut the season short.

Late September & Early October

According to the team at AccuWeather, the best time to enjoy fall foliage across much of the U.S. this year, including in prime spots like New England, the upper Midwest, and the Rocky Mountains, will be in late September and into early October.

This week, I Love NY Fall Foliage Report and its team of volunteers will update the weekly color progressions around the New York region, as well as recommend the best places to spot the leaves. Updates will be shared every Wednesday for the duration of the season; if you’re a foliage superfan, you can subscribe to receive the report directly in your inbox via the newsletter.


The best regions to enjoy foliage in mid-October will be near the Appalachians, the Ohio Valley, and the rest of the Midwest. Make a weekend out of the experience and get ready with pre-Halloween fun! You can carve pumpkins, drink apple cider, and cozy up in your favorite sweater.

Late October

The foliage finale will close out around the end of October in Washington, Oregon, and California. Keep an eye peeled for frosty conditions or chilly blasts and cold fronts that might impact how long the season can continue.

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