6 Reasons to Visit BELvue Museum on Your Next Trip to Brussels

At the BELvue Museum, you will soon learn there’s more to the country than waffles and beer. Starting from the early 19th century, the BELvue focuses on seven socio-political themes of Belgium’s history, featuring interactive exhibits and over 200 unique Belgian objects. From everyday items, like Tupperware and utensils, to controversial political cartoons, the BELvue Museum invites us all to understand what it truly means to be Belgian.

Located in the grand and historic Hôtel Bellevue, the museum is the perfect experience for friends, a school group, or even a solo exploration. If you’re planning your next visit to Brussels, here are the six reasons you should visit the BELvue Museum.

1. Enjoy a crash course in Belgium’s history

Photo of one of the halls in BELvue Museum in Brussels by Gil Plaquet.

The BELVue Museum is THE place to go to learn about Belgium’s history. If you’re looking for a crash course in everything related to Belgium, then you’ve come to the right place.

The BELvue offers an immersive history lesson where visitors can touch, hear, explore, and see Belgium’s history, starting from its point of independence from the Northern Netherlands. Museum-goers will enjoy walking through seven socially-themed rooms: democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, language, and Europe. Within each room are interactive exhibits, present-day testimonials, and over 200 objects designed to answer the question: what does it mean to be Belgian?

As you peruse the interactive exhibits, you will be invited to reflect on democracy and what it means for Belgium to commit to democracy. At the BELvue, history is brought to life through sound, visual, and physical exhibits, offering a contemporary perspective to the country’s unique history.

2. Peruse over 200 unique Belgium objects 

BELvue Museum room
Collectium of over 200 Belgium’s historical objects. Photo by visit.brussels.

One of the coolest aspects of the BELvue Museum is that it’s a physical memory of Belgium. You will get to touch and see a varied collection of everyday objects and unique artifacts that cover Belgium’s past and present-day life.

From old-school radios to dining room chairs to an antique motorcycle, the museum is home to over 200 unique objects. You can see a famous lithograph by Magritte, crystal vases by Val Saint-Lambert, and even a football signed by the Red Devils!

Each room in the museum is centered around a different theme that utilizes technologies to fully immerse visitors in the life of a Belgian. The BELvue offers a visible and tangible history of Belgium to show how history is not an end but a way to interpret the present.

3. Host your birthday party or school trip at the BELvue

Does your child want to be the minister of Belgium for a day? Who doesn’t? There are plenty of child-friendly activities and interactive educational exhibits at the BElvue museum, making it perfect for school groups or your child’s next birthday party.

The museum uses educational tools created by seconded teachers and educational specialists to offer all kinds of activities relating to democracy, history, and justice.

Whether you prefer a guided tour, lecture, or interactive workshop, the BELvue ensures activities are kid-friendly and meet educational requirements.

You can also host your child’s birthday party at the museum. Party-goers act as explorers on a scavenger hunt utilizing interactive tools to discover the museum. The party ends on a high note: a room for snacks and cake!

4. The BELvue prides itself on accessibility

Visitors can touch, hear, explore, and see Belgium’s history. Photo by BELvue.

The BELvue is designed to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. The museum guarantees multiple ways to physically access all areas of the building, so it’s easy for those with reduced mobility.

Also, those who are blind or visually impaired can fully explore the museum by following the BELvue’s sensory trail. The museum has included tangible objects and impressionable map designs with explanations in Braille. Additionally, the BELvue offers a paired digital audio guide or videos with subtitles to ensure the BELvue is a genuinely interactive and accessible experience.

The BELvue also has free museum days on the first Sunday of every month and every Wednesday afternoon after 2 p.m.

5. The museum is near other major Brussels landmarks 

The Belvue Museum is located in the center of Brussels, making it an ideal location for first-time visitors to this beautiful city. The museum is located right next to the Royal Palace, the Royal Park, the St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, and other major historical institutions, making it easy to visit multiple attractions in one area. It’s also only a seven-minute walk from the Centraal train station, so it’s an accessible location, no matter where you’re coming from in the city.

6. The Hôtel Bellevue is gorgeous 

The final reason to visit the BELvue Museum is for the gorgeous, opulent building itself.  With its lavish staircases, gold ornate finishes, and beautifully painted ceiling, the BELvue Museum is something to admire. The building has had many lives but was most popular as a hotel in the 18th century. The hotel housed very important guests and foreign dignitaries, from King Edward VII to Franz Liszt, many of whom stayed in the hotel’s grandiose suits.

The building is well organized and spread out, so museum-goers do not feel cramped as they admire the building’s rich features and special artifacts. For those who appreciate architecture or are eager to see luxuries from another time, the BELvue Museum is a must-see.

Grab tickets to the BELvue Museum

Tickets for BELvue Museum

This ticket grants admission to the BELvue Museum on a specific day. Tickets will be instantly delivered to your email, which can be flashed at the entrance. Museum-goers will also enjoy an audio guide, available in Dutch, English, French, and German to deepen their museum experience.

Brussels Card

The Brussels Card is an amazing travel card for first-time or repeat visitors to Brussels. It provides the full Brussels experience with unlimited free access to 49 museums within 24, 48, or 72-hour time frames. It’s the perfect way to visit the BELvue Museum and other must-see museums, like the Jewish Museum of Belgium.

How to get to the BELvue Museum 

✈️ How to get to the BELvue Museum from the Brussels Airport

If you’re traveling from the Brussels Airport to the BELvue Museum, then take the 12 train line, also known as the “Airport Line, ” to Trone Station. It is about a 35-minute train ride, and it costs €7 for one way.

🚆 What are the closest train stations to the BELvue Museum? 

The BELvue museum is closest to the Centraal station, the Trone station, and the Royale tram stop. Each station is only a few minutes walk away from the BELvue Museum.

🎟 Grab the Brussels Card and STIB Public Transport card 

This combined ticket offer includes both the Brussels card and a public transportation card to make your trip to Brussels that much easier. You will have access to 49 museums as well as access to all STIB buses, trams, and metro lines for either 24, 48, or 72 hours.

🚘 Is there parking at the BELvue Museum?

The museum has no parking, but you can park your car on nearby streets. You can park across from the museum on Place des Palais as well as on Rue des Soles/Stuiversstraat and Place du Trône/ Troonplein; however, there are charges for these parking spaces.

Are you planning your first-ever visit to Brussels? Don’t miss out on seeing all the city’s top attractions and best museums.

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