Delight Media Art Exhibition Has Extended Its Stay In London

Delight: Media Art Exhibition

Delight Media Art Exhibition has transformed the restored railway arches of Borough Yards since the end of 2023, and due to popular demand, the exhibit has extended its stay in the capital. This glorious exhibition, which will now be open until April 14, brings a plethora of multi-media artworks to the capital – many for the first time.

The pieces, produced by Korean artist Gyoungtae Hong, span 12 immersive zones, and incorporate various mediums, including lighting, video mapping, augmented reality, and sound.

a group sitting under a sea-style installation at Delight exhibition

Why should you visit the Delight Media Art Exhibition?

Through the winter and into spring, Delight will, well, delight you with bold, bright, and beautiful artworks, each engaging different senses – and sometimes all of them at the same time. There are over 25 different forms of media content on display, and thanks to floor-to-ceiling projections and the 360-degree installations, you’ll feel almost as if you’re within the artworks themselves.

While we don’t want to give away everything you can experience at the Delight Media Art Exhibition, I’ve got to say the enchanting lantern installation is pretty cool, as is the neon installation that’ll make you feel as though you’ve been transported to South Korea. You’ll get the best experience out of the augmented reality installations by downloading the app: you can do so for Android and iPhone.

a series of lit up arches at Delight exhibition

The Delight exhibition endeavours to explore a range of topics, including the artists’ origins, traditions, and culture. It’s open to the public daily and is suitable for everyone aged 4+. While it is said to take about an hour, you can, of course, browse at your own pace.Delight: Media Art Exhibition

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