Nude Art Exhibition in Bangkok

An art exhibition that aims to represent the diversity in artistic expressions and create an understanding of the nude

Saturday, August 1, 2020, at 2.30 a.m. – MOCA BANGKOK holds an opening ceremony of its latest temporary exhibition – Nude Art Exhibition. The show exemplifies artistic nudity and aims to educate the audience about the aesthetic quality, diverse knowledge, and expansive understanding of art.

Artistic nudity has existed alongside humanity for a long time. Many paintings and sculptures are well preserved and exhibited for the world to experience the beauty, wisdom, and social ethos of the era. Regrettably, many other artworks are buried or burned because of shallow viewpoints, depending on the social context of art and culture. In every corner of the globe today, these accounts still serve as barriers between aesthetic value and ignorance.

In Thailand, nude figures are available in painting and sculpture forms. Yet, the lack of proper representation and knowledge of these familiar scenes leads to the general public’s insufficient information and the failure to recognize their aesthetic value. Undeniably, every artistic expression incorporates some form of nudity. It can be seen from sandstone sculptures and cast-metal sculptures worshipped as idols in temples, such as Prithvi (Mother Earth) or Apsaras (female spirits), to murals of nude female divinities and angels, and genre paintings depicting ordinary life. However, because nudity is a sensitive topic, the accurate cultural viewpoints and academic understandings of these artworks are carefully avoided.

This “Nude” art exhibition represents artistic expressions’ diversity through painting and sculpting talents of twenty-six leading Thai artists. They adopt nudity with their unique techniques and mindsets to tell captivating stories, like the graceful movement of aesthetic compositions, the Buddhist philosophy leading to enlightenment, the environmental crisis the world currently faces, the imagination inspired by surrounding elements, and more.

Works of art by 26 artist – Chuang Moolpinit (National Artist), Vichoke Mukdamanee (National Artist), Sompop Budtarad, Prateep Kochabua, ThThongchai Srisukprasert, Vorasan Supap, Ekachai Luadsoongnern, Songdej Thipthong​, Thanarit Thipwaree, Yuttana Pongpasuk, Arnan Ratchawang-inn, Chatchawan Rodklongtan, Suwatchai Tubtim, Preyawit Nilachulaka, Kitti Pholsakkwa, Chairat Sangthong, Suriya Namwong, Weerasak Satsadi, Suporn Kaewda, Siroj Phuangbubpha, Thabadin Boonnuang, Widsanupong Noonan, Jongjit Moolmat, Parada Wiratsawee, Krengkai Kulpun, Kittisak Fansai

Exhibition Period: August 1 – 16, 2020

Location: Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok, 10900 Thailand

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