What Travel Trends Will Affect Us in 2021?

There is no shortage of opinions on what the state of travel will look like in 2021. After all, we are in uncharted waters.

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But with widespread vaccinations on the horizon, one thing is sure. Getting back to “normal,” may also be just around the corner for travelers itching to get back out there and see the world. Which trends are we watching? Here are just a few to consider.

Vaccination Vacations
When news about COVID vaccination approval hit last month, it didn’t take long at all for countries who’ve largely eradicated the pandemic (like Australia and Vietnam), to say they will require a vaccination certificate for visitors. Qantas has already implemented a plan to require it for all flights. And further, plans for a vaccine “passport” that shows your vaccination status are already underway, since it may take many months or even years to reach herd immunity round the globe. Freedom loving Americans might not take too kindly to this level of bureaucracy.

How do you feel about travel vaccinations? Are you willing to vaccinate before traveling internationally or will this cause you to stay home or pick another destination?

Health Trumps the Perks
The airlines and hospitality industry got the message (in terms of decimated revenue) loud and clear. For now anyway, health concerns and staying safe are the top priority for most travelers. To that end, experts say we’ll continue to see technological innovations in hands-free check in and more of a reliance on smart phones and apps to help guide travelers through their travel journeys.

Will health and safety concerns still be top of mind once a vaccination is widely available? How do you feel about the greater reliance on tech measures to help keep us all safe?

Longer Trips Will Rule
This trend is perhaps an inevitable one. When quarantines first became a thing in travel, it put a large cloud over the idea of the weekend getaway. But people are nothing if not adaptable. Now, travel experts predict people will plan for longer stays, to give themselves time to meet whatever bureaucratic red tape with which they have to comply and still enjoy their vacation. And on a practical note – many people whose 2020 plans got sidelined may have extra vacation time/PTO saved up at work anyway!

Do you plan on taking a longer vacation next year to make sure you don’t get cheated out of your rest and relaxation?

Bucket Lists for the Win
Travel writers say people sidelined by COVID in 2021 are putting their travel budgets into “go big or go home” mode for the latter part of 2021. Maybe a splashier hotel is on the menu for the yearly family vacation. Maybe you’re taking a more YOLO approach to your next holiday – going for a bigger, more exotic experience.

Tell us if your getaway plans are bigger and bolder for 2021.

Domestic or International?
Some experts predict more Americans will actually be staying stateside for just this reason. The trend to stay closer to home has already hit a lot of Americans, some of whom have been pleasantly surprised with the wide-range of amazing vacations found here. While individual countries’ vaccination restrictions are still up in the air, many Americans who are skeptical of vaccinations or who’ve been put off international travel might be looking in their backyards for interesting travel experiences.

Are you planning to stay closer to home in 2021 or are you itching to get back out there and explore other cultures?

Off the Beaten Path
When the pandemic hit, it caused a lot of folks to pivot away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. More rural, smaller towns actually are having a moment, especially in the U.S. Will this move to “get away from it all” continue? Now that people put “health and safety” at the top of the list, it stands to reason that the more remote destinations will continue to shine.

Do you have a secluded spot you’re eyeing for 2021?

We’re All In this Together: Low Impact Travel
One byproduct of living in a pandemic is that it sharply pointed out how one person’s actions can have an impact on the greater world. Tour operators and travel agents have reported a surge in low impact tours – the kind of small group, low carbon footprint vacations that were a bit more niche prior to COVID.

Do you think we’ll see a return to larger group travel next year?

Please share your thoughts on what travel will look like next year in the comments below. We’d love to hear how you’re reimagining and adjusting your travel in a post-pandemic world.

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